What is the Difference Between atleast and at least?

Atleast vs At least? What is the meaning of “atleast” and is it different from “at least”?
  1. What is the meaning of, at least?

    This word is used to emphasize that something is good in a bad situation. It means not less than or at the minimum. For instance; One should at least clean their room twice a week. This word is used when you say something is minimal, which is probably true.

  2. What is the difference between at least and at least?

    You might have got a brief description of what is meant by, at least. It must be because it is considered an incorrect word and not mentioned anywhere in the English dictionary. The word at least comprises of the conjunction ‘at’, meaning the minimum availability of something, whereas at least is not any word.

  3. What can replace the word at least?

    Many words can replace this word, including least, somewhat, minimal, lightest, littlest, and minutest.

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