What is the connection between a Tape and a pen?

Rewinding a Tape with a Pen | What is the connection between a Tape and a pen?
  1. People used to use Cassette tapes

    Before the age of CDs, People used to use cassette tapes to listen to music.

  2. To rewind the tape

    People sometimes used to rewind the tape using the pen.

  3. How is it done

    The pen is inserted inside one of the holes in the tape then either the pen is rotated, or the hand is moved in a circular motion to force the tape to rewind.

  4. The pen fitted perfectly

    People used to use pens because they usually fitted perfectly inside the tap holes. After all, those pens had varying thicknesses.

  5. Pens were easily found

    The second reason pens were used is that pens are objects that are easily found inside homes.

  6. Faulty Cassette players sometimes force parts of the magnetic tape outside the cassette tap. People used to use pens to bring the tap back in place. (See
    Why do some people chew on pens?)

  7. When rewind button isn’t working

    Some people used to use this trick when their rewind button wasn’t working.

  8. To play around

    Some people used to do this trick to play around, knowing that they are changing the location of the pointer inside the cassette tape and so changing the song that will be heard when the tape is played. (See What are the symbols of home?)

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