What is the combined length of the Lord of the Rings Extended Editions?

How Long are all the LOTR Extended Editions Combined? The Length of Lord of the Rings Extended Edition.
JAN23 What is the combined length of the Lord of the Rings Extended Editions?
  1. About Lord of the rings

    It had three editions. The first one was “Lord of the Rings” The fellowship of the ring.” This part is for 178 minutes, but it adds 30 minutes extra to the movie’s runtime, making its total timing 208 minutes (3 hours and 28 minutes). Various additions or extensions might seem very small, but these smaller elements strengthen the film.

  2. Scenes that are added to: The fellowship of the ring

    One of the scenes that were extended was when Frodo and Sam are camping, and then they see Wood Elves leaving for the Undying lands so that they can live forever. Other scenes that they added were the elves’ passing, Gilraen’s memorial, Concerning Hobbits and many more.

  3. About “The Two Towers”

    This one has 44 minutes of additional footage. The film is actually for 179 minutes, but its additional footage makes it 223 minutes (3 hours and 43 minutes). But, a lot was added and trimmed to get the theatrical running time closer to the three – hour mark. This version has some additional scenes with Pippin and Merry and their encounter with the Ent.

  4. Scenes that are added to: “The Two Towers”

    Various scenes were extended in the movie, such as the last march of the Ents, The white rider, the forbidden pool, the passage of the marshes, the burning of the Westfold, Night camp at Fangorn and many more. Also, there were many entirely new scenes: The final tally, farewell to Faramir, The Heir of the Numenor, Sons of the Steward, Elven Rope, etc.

  5. About “The Return of the King”

    There are 51 minutes of extra footage in the extended edition of the final film, making the total runtime of the movie 251 minutes (4 hours and 11 minutes). The movie was already 3 hours and 20 minutes; therefore, many scenes had to be trimmed. One of the deleted scenes was  Eomer’s horror as he reacts to finding his sister Eowyn lying on the battlefield.

  6. Scenes that are added to: “The Return of the King”

    Various scenes that were extended t give a better effect are the dead’s paths, The last debate, The finding of the ring, Return to Edoras, and many more. A few absolutely new scenes added to this edition were the mouth of Sauron, Sam’s warning, The decline of Gondor, The voice of Saruman, etc.

  7. Total timing

    The total timing of all the editions makes it to 9 hours and 18 minutes. All the parts are equally good and have excellent reviews. As per the viewers, this is one movie that should be added to the bucket list if not yet seen.

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