What Is a Quinceañera?

What happens at a quinceanera? What Is a Quinceañera and How Is It Celebrated?
What Is a Quinceañera?
  1. What Is a Quinceañera?

    It is also known as quinceaneras or simply quince. Quinceañera is a Spanish word for a girl who turns 15; it marks a young woman’s transition from girlhood to womanhood. It is a party which is done to celebrate a girls 15th birthday and is different from her other birthdays. The word Quinceañera is made from two Spanish words quince means fifteen and anos means year.

  2. Where is it celebrated?

    This is a tradition in Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean and the Latin communities residing in the U.S. It is both a religious and social occasion that centres on family and social life in a women’s life. In Latin America, it is conventional to carouse the 15th birthday of a girl lavishly.

  3. History of Quinceañera

    This inheritance begins back in the year 1876, when Porfirio Diaz was the president. He was very much fascinated by Europeans; hence he adopted a lot of their traditions in Mexico. In early Spanish societies, quinceañera was a mark that a girl is ready for marriage and is grown up.

    Therefore, they were taught she was taught the household chores and introduced to society in hopes of finding a good husband. She was given her first jewellery, tiara, could do makeup, dance in public and make decisions.

  4. Quinceañera Traditions

    There are certain lovely gestures and traditions followed during this party. The birthday girl is given a doll by a family member, which means that it is the last childhood toy. Also, her dear ones would remove her flat shoes and replace them with heels which indicate her entry into womanhood.

  5. Planning Quinceañera

    Proper planning is required to celebrate this event as it is similar to a wedding reception. The venue has good catering, decoration, music, a theme, photography and much more. They need to make sure that the ceremony runs placidly. Some people love simplicity and plan; accordingly, some go for trendy or traditional ones; it solely depends on the birthday girl’s choice.

  6. How does it rejoice?

    The celebration can be just with family and some friends while some celebrate it elegantly with loads of guests. The party starts with a mass accompanied by the girl and her family and godparents. Toasts are offered are the cutting of a fancy cake is also involved. There are dessert tables, photo booths and a DJ playing music. The party comprises various waltzes.

  7. Quinceañera Customs

    Usually, it includes 14 girls who are called damas; they are like bridesmaids. It also comprises 14 men called chamberlains, who accompany damas. Also, there is a man of honour who steps with the Quinceañera. Not each birthday includes damas and chamberlains.

    In some of the Quinceañeras, there is just a photo session, food, and dance. The Quinceañera dances with the chamberlains for the first time in public. The dance rehearsals start a week or months before; also, they bestow a special dance with their fathers.

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