What is a Pack of Bats Called?

What are the Collective Nouns for Bats? Are they called a Flock of Bats? What is a Colony of Bats? What is the term for a Group of Baby Bats? How are Bat Colonies Useful and Harmful to Humans?

Whenever there is the word bat, you immediately think about vampires and Dracula, right? Have you ever considered a group of bats as a family of Dracula flying in search of prey? I know it sounds funny, but when was the first time you happened to see a colony of bats? Almost all animals have a couple of collective nouns that determine a group of them. But what is a large swarm of bats called? Ever wondered what is a pack of bats called? Let’s find out!

1. What are Collective Nouns?

Those nouns that are used for referring to a group of things, animals, or places are termed collective nouns. For example,

  • A bunch of grapes
  • A band of musicians
  • A board of directors
  • A bouquet of flowers
  • A pod of dolphins

However, in the case of animals, there is more than one collective noun to refer to their groups.

For example, a group of bees can be called:

  • Colony
  • Drift
  • Erst
  • Swarm
  • Rabble
  • Stand
  • Nest

2. What is a Pack of Bats called?

One distinguishing factor of bats is that they are the only mammal that can fly. There are different terms used to refer to a group of bats.

  • Camp
  • Cauldron
  • Cloud
  • Colony
  • Flock

3. What is a Camp of Bats?

Photo by Vlad Kutepov on Unsplash

The use of the term camp here does not indicate that the group of bats is at some sort of camp. They are not very fond of the sun, and you cannot find them anywhere around during the daytime. But it is highly possible that a camp of bats is camping somewhere in the darkest region of a cave. So, a camp of bats is used to refer to a group of bats hanging inside a cave in the dark. You can use the term in sentences as follows:

  • I saw a colony of bats on my camping trip last month.
  • They are covering news about the camp of bats in the old cave.

4. Why a Group of Bats is called a Cauldron?

The term cauldron can be used when you are referring to a group of bats in flight. Irrespective of the number of bats in the group, they are called a cauldron of bats if they are flying. Here are a few ways in which you can use the term in sentences:

  • On my way back home, I saw a cauldron of bats flying above the hilltop.
  • Did you see that cauldron of bats that is famous in the region?

5. What is a Cloud of Bats?

Another term for – what is a pack of bats called, is the cloud. When the group of bats is covering the sky and looks like big black clouds, it is known as a cloud of bats. It seems like a scene from a movie where a group of bats is flying in the sky and the atmosphere gets dark and scary. This happens when they are going for a meal or shifting the colony from one place to another. You can use the term in the sentences as,

  • Yesterday, it was very scary when the cloud of bats was passing by.
  • Have you ever witnessed a cloud of bats here?

6. Why is a Group of Bats referred to as a Flock?

No, they are not referred to as a flock of bats. However, the collective noun flock is used for a group of birds. Many people consider using the term bats as they fly. But here it needs correction, because bats are not birds, and they do not belong to their category. Bats are mammals that can fly. (See What is a group of horses called?)

7. What is a Colony of Bats?

What is a pack of bats called? A large group of bats is called a colony of bats. The colony is the term used to refer to a group of bats that can be small or large. A single colony of bats consists of 10 to 1,000 bats at a time. So, another term for – what is a pack of bats called, is the colony. Bats are known to live in groups, as it provides them protection against all odds. After the birth of bats, as the mother bat is taking care of the new pup (baby bat), she can rest assured, because the colony is gathering food for them too. (See Group of Cats Collective Noun)

8. What is the Group of Baby Bats called?

Photo by Clément Falize on Unsplash

Baby bats or pups usually do not accompany their parents or colony on their swarms or feeding spree, because mother bats feed the baby with their milk, just like every other mammal. There is no term for defining a group of bats, babies, or pups. However, if they are seen with the group, they are referred to as a part of the colony of bats. Must read A Group of Puppies is Called?

9. What is a Large Swarm of Bats called?

When there is a large group of bats flying out from a cave or a tunnel in search of food, it looks like a cloud in the sky or approaching stormy clouds. The term swarm means a large or dense group or a group moving somewhere in large numbers. You can refer to a swarm of bats as a cauldron of bats or a cloud of bats. Swarming is the activity of bats when they circle around the entrance of a place where they usually do not rest at night. (See What is a group of Ravens called?)

10. Which is the Largest Colony of Bats?

Another interesting fact besides what is a pack of bats called is about the largest bat colony. According to Chiropterologists (people who study bats), there is the largest colony of bats on the earth that is known to humans. It is in the Bracken Cave in Texas. This cave inhabits Mexican Free-Tailed bats, who are also known as Brazilian Free-Tailed bats. This colony is regarded as the largest because there are more than 20 million bats in it. (See What Name Is Given To A Group Of Chickens?)

11. What is a Batnado?

The term Batnado is used in reference to the largest bat colony in Bracken Cave. People witnessing them coming out of the cave said that the pattern of their flight is similar to a tornado. This is the reason the colony is known as a Batnado, meaning a tornado of bats. Must see What is the Collective Noun of Oxen?

12. Why do Bats form Colonies?

Photo by Nils Bouillard on Unsplash

The main purpose of forming colonies is the ease of reproduction. Here are other possible reasons for them to live in colonies:

  • Large colonies tend to hold the upper hand against predators.
  • They can stay warm during hibernation.
  • Large and better supply of food in the colony.
  • Better protection and upbringing of their young ones.

13. What are the Benefits of Colonies of Bats to Humans?

There are no substantial benefits that humans can derive from these animals, but the feces of bats are useful to some extent. Bat feces have high concentrations of potassium nitrate, which is known as saltpeter. This substance is used in making gunpowder.

After learning about what is a pack of bats called, take a look at the term for their huge pile of feces. Large bat colonies produce large amounts of feces, called Bat Guano, which is why they are of some use. (See What is a group of monkeys called?)

14. How are Bat Colonies Harmful?

Bat colonies may tend to be beneficial for themselves, but for humans, it is the breeding ground of many pathogens that lead to various diseases that can be passed on to other animals and humans. They spread faster than the forest fire. One such proof was the coronavirus which shook the entire world. Astrovirus and Adenovirus are other deadly pathogens transmitted from bats to different animals and humans.

So, today you learned what is a pack of bats called and how to refer to them. Moreover, in the Bracken Cave, there is a colony of bats, which is the largest known on Earth. Do you remember what is a large swarm of bats called and why? (Also read What is a Group of Ants called?)

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