What is a Barista?

What does it mean to be a barista? What does a Barista Do and How to Become a Barista?

  1. 1 What is a Barista?

    He is said to be the person who makes espresso-based coffee drinks. He can also be declared as an espresso machine, coffee artist, who has a lot of knowledge about coffee, its decoration, preparation and serving them to the customers nicely. They mostly work at a coffee shop, bookstore or in a bar which serves coffee.

  2. 2 Do they just make coffee?

    Barista does a lot more than just making coffee as they help in doing inventory, running a cash register, welcoming customers, keep equipment clean & operating. Furthermore, they also take payments, clean up spills, take out the trash, train new employees, problem resolution and much more.

  3. 3 Where does the word Barista come from?

    It is an Italian word for 'Barkeeper.' In Italy, a barista serves all sorts of drinks, but in a few places, they are just limited to provide and serve espresso-based coffee drinks. They are mostly said to be the masters of latte art as they make fantastic image and designs when they pour milk foam on espresso.

  4. 4 Is espresso a coffee bean?

    Espresso is neither a coffee bean nor roast type; instead, it is a unique way of brewing coffee. It is made in a particular way by forcing hot water and steam under pressure with tightly packed coffee grounds. It was invented in Italy in 1884, Angeli Moriondo was the first person who created the espresso machine and got patented.

  5. 5 How is a cappuccino made?

    Cappuccino is made by adding one-third espresso, the same portion of steamed milk and microfoam. Microfoam is the steamed milk which forms a fine layer when created with an espresso machine.

  6. 6 How is a latte made?

    It is made in a similar pattern like a cappuccino; the significant difference is that it is created with equal portions of espresso and steamed milk.

  7. 7 How to become a barista?

    Usually, there is no educational background required for becoming a barista, but its requirement varies from store to store. They just need to have a high school diploma, and you need to be above 18. They provide training to the Barista on roasting beans, brewing techniques, machine sanitation and steaming milk.

  8. 8 Are you suited to be a barista?

    It has been observed that Baristas have unique personalities and they are slightly conscientious and conservative. They are efficient, logical and organized.

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