What flavour is the white Airhead?

What’s the Airheads White Mystery Flavor? Does anyone know the flavour of the WHITE mystery Airhead?

  1. If you are the 80s or 90s kid, you must have had these sweet candies called Airheads. They are long, flat and brightly coloured stripes in various flavours such as cherry, watermelon, strawberry, grape and many more. Their taste is sweet, sugary and chewy; candies are great stuff for business savvy dentists.

  2. About White Mystery Flavor

    This is a mystery to various people as they do not understand what exactly its flavour is. What confuses more is its colour as it is white in colour people do not get to know about its taste. This white mystery flavour came to the market in 1993, and people still relish it.

  3. What does it contain?

    JAN23 Candies What flavour is the white Airhead?

    As you know that Airheads come in numerous flavours such as grape, orange, strawberry, green apple and blue raspberry. Therefore, this white mystery airhead is a combination of all the leftovers from the Airheads factory.

  4. Does it taste the same every time?

    It tastes different as sometimes it would have more of a watermelon taste and other time more of a cherry. Therefore, its flavour varies from batch to batch as its taste relies on what the leftovers are. Also, they don’t have to add all the flavours as if any of the flavours are not left; they make it without it.

  5. History of White Mystery Airheads

    This Company was created in 1985, and Steve Burner was the one who made it, and he was a Director of Marketing at Perfetti Van Melle then. He created these candies name, concept and look.

    Later, the former Airhead eAssistant Brand Manager, Matt Fenton, said that he received a letter from a teenager in the 90s suggesting them to create a mystery flavour. Then he went to the school where students tried fruit punch. They then got an idea of creating mystery flavour as no one could recognize what the exact flavour of fruit punch was. This mystery flavour became the brand’s most favourite flavour in 1993, and since then, people love it.

  6. Why is it white?

    You would be amazed to know that these Airheads are naturally colourless. They add the dye depending on what flavour candy it is, for example, green for green apple, orange dye for orange flavour, etc. But, the mystery Airhead is white because they decided not to add any flavour to it.

  7. The story behind the name of Airhead

    Steve Burner wanted to make such a candy that every confectionary should ask for it as people should relish it. He made the candy but did not know what name to keep. The time was less, and he had to think of a name. He wanted a name that was very common among teenagers.

    Hence, he asked his son what would he call someone who would do something silly. His son answered Airhead as this word was very famous at that time. Therefore, he kept this name, and in no time, they were making 4 million bars in a day.

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