What does it feel like to die by electric chair?

How does it feel to be electrocuted in an electric chair? What would dying by an electric chair feel like?
  1. Defecation and urination often happens

    During execution by electric chair Defecation and urination often happens. The person loses control over his bodily functions because of the electric current and this is why this is a common response.

  2. The flesh swells

    During electrocution the flesh of the person swells due to the swelling of tissues. Parts of the skin might actually fall if touched too early.

  3. The eyeballs might pop out

    The Eyeballs of the inmate might pop out. According to one account it might pop out and rest on on the person’s cheeks.

  4. Parts of the body burn

    The body temperature rises a lot and the body turns red. A burning smell is usually noticed During electrocution. Smoke might also be seen & the person’s body gets hot.

  5. The body might catch fire

    As a result of the high temperature the person’s body gets subjected to a fire might happen. The person’s body might catch fire and the smell of burning flesh might be noticed.

  6. The brain gets cooked

    As a result of the high temperature resulting from the electric current passing through the head the brain gets cooked in most cases. See what happens to your body when you get an electric shock. (See What does it feel like to die?)

  7. Parts of the skin might detach

    Due to the swelling of the skin parts of it might fall apart. Pieces of the skull might also detach due to the very high temperature.

  8. Pain depends on the speed

    If the condemned died after the first shock then the pain could be very brief. If the first shock did not kill them then intense pain might be felt until death or unconsciousness happen.

  9. Death happens by asphyxiation or cardiac arrest

    The death process is still not fully clear but it could be a combination of asphyxiation ,lack of oxygen, and cardiac arrest.

  10. The blood boils

    Due to the very high temperature the blood of the inmate usually boils.

  11. Dislocations or fractures might happen

    The inmate’s body usually moves very violently and this can result in dislocations or even fractures. (See What does it feel like to die by lethal injection?)

  12. The inmate might vomit

    The inmate might vomit blood and drool as a result of the damage taking place inside the body.

  13. Third degree burns happen

    Third degree burns usually happen where the electrodes meet the body. This usually happens at the head and the leg.

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