What does being strangled to death feel like?

What it feels like to be strangled to Death? What does being strangled to death feel like?
  1. You go unconscious

    Some victims have been surveyed by MMA students who were choked for a few seconds. After getting their getting statements, they concluded that they woke up getting confused as if they were sleeping or dreaming.

  2. You hear a buzzing sound

    According to some people’s statements, who were choked for some time, they listened to a slow, buzzing sound, and when they woke up, they got rid of it.

  3. You feel pressure on your throat

    Intense pressure will be felt on the throat when someone gags you. Moreover, you will feel a lot of pain.

  4. Slowly going to lose vision

    Depending on the pressure of strangling, you will feel a temporary loss of vision. As soon as you wake up, you will return to normal if you are not strangled to death.

  5. You go into panic

    When someone chokes your throat, the brain immediately realizes that oxygen levels will be reduced, and you will start panicking if you have no other option. If a choke targeted the airway and not the carotid artery, it might take longer for the person to die. (See What does it feel like to drown?)

  6. A stroke can occur

    Your body may experience a stroke attack as your arteries in the neck may get torn if you are being choked fiercely.

  7. You get the same feeling when you are drunk

    Some researchers have claimed that hypoxia and lack of oxygen can really feel good. However, it is different from what a person feels when oxygen completely stops reaching the brain. (See What Does It Feel Like to Be Drunk?)

  8. Cardiac arrest may happen

    When you are suffocated vehemently, it may affect your carotid artery. The whole process can lead your heart to disfunction.

  9. Loss of control over the body

    You may feel you have lost complete control over your body due to cases when the victim goes unconscious. This can even lead to some other extreme reactions, such as urination or defecation.

  10. The pain depends on the pressure and method

    You can reduce oxygen levels reaching the brain and slow it down through ample methods. The harder will be the pressure, the more pain will be felt by the victim. Some people can hold their breath for long, so they can last longer than those who can’t keep their breath for long.

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