What does being strangled to death feel like?

What it feels like to be strangled to Death? What does being strangled to death feel like?

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  1. 1 You feel pressure on your throat

    The first thing a person will feel is an intense pressure on their throats. The pressure is believed to be painful.

  2. 2 You hear a buzzing sound

    According to the accounts of few people who were choked unconscious, a buzzing sound is heard. Some said that the sounds then die slowly.

  3. 3 Slowly losing vision

    According to the accounts of people who were choked unconscious, a slow and temporary loss of vision happens. See how does it feel like to get shot.

  4. 4 Going unconscious

    Many of the people who were choked during MMA training said that after a few seconds of being choked, they go unconscious then wake up as if they were dreaming. Most of those people said that they wake up very confused as if they were sleeping or dreaming.

  5. 5 It feels like you are drunk

    According to the account of a field medic, hypoxia, or lack of oxygen, can actually feel good. This, however, doesn't explain how it feels when oxygen stops reaching the brain. See also how does it feel like to die drowning.

  6. 6 You go into panic

    As soon as the brain realizes that oxygen supply is being reduced, a person goes into panic mood. According to accounts of survivors, this panic doesn't last for long. The process might take longer if the choke targeted the airway and not the carotid artery.

  7. 7 A stroke can happen

    Depending on the method of strangling, a stroke might happen. If the arteries in the neck were torn the person might get a stroke.

  8. 8 Loss of control over the body

    In some cases, total loss of control over the body can happen after the victim goes unconscious. This can result in some reactions, including defecation or urination. See also do people remain conscious after decapitation.

  9. 9 Cardiac arrest might happen

    When the choke targets the carotid artery, the person's heart might stop very fast during the process.

  10. 10 The pain depends on the method

    Because there are various ways to prevent oxygen from reaching the brain, or slowing it down, there can be different experiences associated with being strangled to death. The process can be more painful for some and can take longer.

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