What does an Ecopsychologist Study?

Ecopsychology is a theory of the human psyche and tries to understand the effects of human exploitation on the degradation of the natural environment. For further emphasis on the topic, you have to study the whole concept.
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We have all heard about psychology and psychologist. But have you ever heard of ecopsychology, ecopsychologist, and what does an ecopsychologist study? Yes, these terms exist. Ecopsychology is a social movement that attempts in understanding human relationships with the environment. Ecopsychology believes that a human’s psychological well-being is remotely connected to nature and the environment, hence ecologists try to examine the psychological phenomenon that tends to connect or distance a human being from nature. While we tend to ignore such processes, there are experts who work hard daily to help people in keeping their mental wellness intact. In this article, we will learn about what does an ecopsychologist study and what are the possible future career fields in environmental science.

1. Is Ecopsychology a Theory?

Yes, ecopsychology is a theory of the human psyche which initially started with its primary focus on the Earth’s relationship and its behavior with the living inhabitants. It also tries to understand the effects of human exploitation on the degradation of the natural environment. A cultural historian named Theodore Roszak in his book Voice of Earth: An exploration of Ecopsychology coined the term ecopsychology. (See What is Definition of Human Environment Interaction?)  

2. Who Coined the Term Ecopsychology?

The initial traces of the concept of ecopsychology were seen in 1990, by Warwick Fox in his book Toward A Transpersonal Ecology. It was further seen in an essay by Robert Greenway for Brandies University, Boston in 1963 where he mentioned a term called Psychoecology. But the term Ecopsychology was established as a concept by Theodore Roszak in 1992. 

3. When did Ecopsychology Emerge?

Ecopsychology emerged in the early 1960s as an environmental movement. At the same time, many environmentalists and psychologists were also using the term independently. The term was a result of an observation of a deep connection between humans and the environment and a study that will recognize this relationship and will lead to a path of healing for both. Must see Unveiling How Exercise can Positively affect your Environmental Health?

4. What does an Ecopsychologist Study?

JAN23 What does an Ecopsychologist Study

We have understood what is ecopsychology from a broader perspective. Now let us understand what does an ecopsychologist study. An ecopsychologist studies the psychic facts, facts that determine the relationship between humans and nature. They work to improve human interactions with nature and their responses to hazards and shape their environmental perception.

5. Why does an Ecopsychologist Study?

What does an ecopsychologist study is clearly known to us, but why does an ecopsychologist study? Ecopsychologists studies to understand human behavior when they are exposed to different circumstances. The study is important to understand the symptoms and provide the most accurate diagnosis and judgment. The study also helps us understand what kind of human behavior and actions leads to uncertain natural behaviors. Learn How to Take Care of the Environment?

6. How much does an Environmental Psychologist Earn?

The scope of employment in fields that once were hard to imagine has been magnificent. But before getting into any field, checking the pay is very important. If you are wanting a career in ecopsychology, it’s good news for you. However, the pay usually depends upon the nature of your work and how big a name your firm is but an average annual income of an ecopsychologist is between $35,000-$90,000. 

7. What does a Environmentalist Study?

Environmentalists study environmental studies which help them identify environmental challenges like climatic change, loss of biodiversity, ozone layer depletion, etc. The study enlightens the knowledge about how to tackle these challenges on different levels and equips people with the skills and tools which help understand the studies better. Check out the List of Field of Study Examples.

8. What do Environmental Scientists do?

Environmental scientists and specialists put in their knowledge of natural science to protect the environment and human health. Their job is to protect the environment from various risks and protect human health from various environmental hazards. They can execute their responsibilities as a researcher or may partner with industry professionals and policymakers to implement environmental initiatives and programs which educate the public. 

9. What are Some Possible Future Career Fields in Environmental Science?

Talking about some possible future career fields in environmental science, the sky is the limit really. Some of them include: 

  • Environmental Scientist
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Environmental Science Manager
  • Lecturer
  • Wildlife Film-maker
  • Environment Photographer
  • Environment Journalists
  • Conservation Hydrologist
  • Director of Waste Management

These are only a few listed here but the field is very broad and the opportunities are endless. Must read What is Biomedical Engineering?

10. What is Ecofeminism?

The concept of ecofeminism is pretty similar to ecopsychology. The only thing that changes in the definition is that ecofeminism is a movement that joins the dots of the relation between the degradation and exploitation of natural resources and its connection with the oppression of women. 

In this article, we learned about a much-alienated term most of us don’t know which is Ecopsychology. Here, we were introduced to the very fact that a human being’s mind is not just affected by the materialistic and stressful life but something as peaceful as nature can also be the cause of one’s bad mental health. We also learned about the various career fields in ecopsychology and discussed the pay of an ecopsychologist. We saw what does an ecopsychologist study and what is the basic job description of an environmental scientist. Hope this article was helpful. (Also read What are Two Examples of Human Environment Interaction?)

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