What Comes After a Trillion?

Ever Heard of a Quadrillion? What is 1,000,000,000,000,000?
  1. What number is a trillion?

    Trillion is a figure in which 1 comes before the 12 zeroes, and the figure looks like 1,000,000,000,000. In other words, a trillion is also known as a million million.

  2. How many billions are in a trillion?

    If we talk about a billion, a thousand million comes in one billion. Subsequently, one thousand billion equals one trillion.

  3. Does anything come after a trillion?

    Million (having six zeroes) and billion (having nine zeroes) come before trillion. Whereas, after trillion, several million come along with adding 3 more zeroes than the previous one. For instance, after a trillion, quadrillion comes, having 15 zeroes. After quadrillion, quintillion includes 18 zeroes, and so on.

  4. 4What comes after a trillion?

    Place Value Number of Zeroes
    Thousand 3
    Million 6
    Billion 9
    Trillion 12
    Quadrillion 15
    Quintillion 18
    Hextillion 21
    Septillion 24
    Octillion 27
    Nonillion 30
    Decillion 33
    Undecillion 36
    Duodecillion 39
    Tredecillion 42
    Quattuordecillion 45
    Quindecillion 48
    Hexdecillion 51
    Septendecillion 54
    Octodecillion 57
    Novemdecillion 60
    Vigintillion 63
    Unvigintillion 66
    Duovigintillion 69
    Trevigintillion   72
    Quattourvigintillion 75
    Quinvigintillion 78
    Hexvigintillion 81
    Septenvigintillion 84
    Octovigintillion 87
    Novemvigintillion 90
    Trigintillion 93
    Untrigintillion 96
    Duotrigintillion 99
    Googol 100
    Googolplex 10100
  5. What is the biggest number?

    As mentioned in the above table, the largest number of all is Googolplex. Edward Kastner was the inventor of this number. However, his nine years nephew coined the term googol to represent 10100. He coined the term Googolplex in 1938, which is believed to be countless. Mathematicians also labelled this term as infinite as many of them claimed that no one could write this number on a single page.

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  1. Great info! Thanks!

    I never realized how big numbers can be until I decided to count all the entries in the white pages until I counted a septillion number of entries. I started when I was 8 years old, and 51 years later, I’ve counted a a little over a trillion entries, and I’ve got three warehouses full of old phone books. If I do that a trillion more times, I’ll be there. I think I’ll reset my goal, and just go for 2 trillion names counted. I might over a hundred when get there, but danged it’ll be worth it!
    I love big numbers!

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