What Colors do Mixing Pink and Blue make?

What colour is obtained upon mixing blue and pink? What is the colour combination for purple?
  1. Primary vs Secondary colours

    Before we get to know, what do you get when you mix Pink and Blue, lets us first understand the imperative concept of primary and secondary colours.
    Primary colours are the ones that cannot be created by mixing other colours.

    However, secondary colours can be produced out of mixing or blending two colours. Blue is a primary colour as it cannot be created by combining any colour. At the same time, pink is a secondary colour, which can be produced by mixing red and white.

  2. What are Tertiary colours?

    The colour you get after mixing a primary and secondary colour is known as Tertiary colour. Usually, these colours are considered to be darker than in primary and secondary colours.

  3. What is the difference between warm and cool colours?

    Warm colours are the ones that incorporated with the intensity of warmth, such as sunlight or fire. Some of the examples of warm colours include yellow, orange, and red. Pink can also be categorised as a warm colour as red colour plays a vital role in its creation.

    While cool colours are the vibrancy of something calming or cold such as ice, water, and snow, Green, purple, and blue are some of their perfect examples.

  4. What colour is created when you mix blue and pink together?

    So, the question here is, what tertiary colour do you get when you mix a primary colour (Blue) and a secondary colour (pink)? The answer is Purple. Mystery solved.

    Although Purple is a secondary colour similar to pink, as it is also produced by mixing red and blue, however, when mixing blue colour with pink, you get a different variety of shades of Purple such as pastel purple or light Purple. The lighter the red, the lighter the Purple.

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