What Century are We Living in Now?

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If you look back at history, you can see a pandemic at a gap of every 100 years, and that’s legit weird! Also, there are pretty amazing things discovered each and every century. It’s important to know the details of centuries, and in this article, we will go through the dates and years. Wondering about which century are we in, or, what century are we in?  Don’t worry, we have got your back. Read on to get answers to what century are we living in now.

1. What is a Century?

One hundred years make up a century. In many languages, including English, centuries are ordinally numbered. The Latin term centum, or 100, is how the word century first appeared. A century can also be 100 of many other things besides just years. For example, when we say a cricketer has completed his century in the game, it means he has made 100 runs without getting out. (See What does 4 score and 7 years ago mean?)

2. How many Centuries are there? 1st Century to 21st Century Timeline

Every century is a collection of 100 years, starting from 1 and ending at 100. Before you know what century are we living in now, you must go through the list of centuries. So, by 2022, we have almost 20 completed centuries and 1 ongoing century.

Name of Century Starting Year Ending Year
1st 1 100
2nd 101 200
3rd 201 300
4th 301 400
5th 401 500
6th 501 600
7th 601 700
8th 701 800
9th 801 900
10th 901 1000
11th 1001 1100
12th 1101 1200
13th 1201 1300
14th 1301 1400
15th 1401 1500
16th 1501 1600
17th 1601 1700
18th 1701 1800
19th 1801 1900
20th 1901 2000
21st 2001 2100

3. Was there a Zero Year?

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

No, there can never be a year with the number zero. The calendar moved from B.C. to A.D. without a zero, like an integer line. The A.D. started with year 1. Also, check out what does BC stand for in text?

4. How to Refer to Them?

For instance, the number in the century name, the 18th century, is always one greater than the value that denotes the beginning of the century’s years: the 18th century’s years begin with 17, i.e. 1701, 1702, 1703… This reference must be clear from the data above, where the names of the centuries have their starting and ending years, arranged in a tabular form. So, if you are wondering what century are we living in now, you must keep this logic in mind.

5. How to calculate Century by Given Year?

If the last two numbers of any year fall within the range of 01 and 99 (both inclusive), the century is determined by adding one to the sum of its first two digits. Here, you have the formula to calculate a century from a given year number. (See How Long is a Decade and a Century?)

If you are to calculate the century for 1789, consider the first two numbers, i.e., 17. Add 1 to it (17 + 1 = 18). This shows that 1789 belongs to the 18th century.

6. What Century are We in 2022?

Which century are we in 2022? According to the formula mentioned above and reference from the tabular data, you can conclude that 2022 falls in the 21st century. The year 2022 falls between 2001 and 2100, comprising the 21st century. So, which century are we in? 21st century, of course! Also, check out Calendar 2022.

7. What Millennium are We in Now?

A millennium comprises 10 centuries, that is, a thousand years. As per the tabular data above, there are a total of 21 centuries till now. If the 1st–10th century falls in the 1st millennium and the 11–20th century falls in the 2nd millennium, then the 21st century falls in the 3rd millennium.

8. Are We in the 21st or 22nd Century?

As discussed previously, the range of the 21st century falls from 2001 to 2100, and 2022 falls within this range. So, what century we live in? We are in the 21st century. (See Date Format UK vs US)

9. What Year did the 21st Century start?

The 21st century started in the year 2001. Till 2000, it was the 20th century.

10. When does the 21st Century end?

The 21st century ends after the year 2100. So, the centuries are named after the last year they end with.  Must read how many minutes are there in a Year?

11. What is the Difference between 20th Century and 21st Century?

Besides, which century are we in, the basic difference between the 20th and 21st centuries is their years. The 20th century comprises from 1901 to 2000, while the 21st century consists ranges from 2001 to 2100.

12. What is the Difference between 21st Century and 22nd Century?

The foundational difference between the 21st and 22nd centuries is the range in years. The 22nd century ranges from 2101 to 2200, and the 21st century is the answer to which century we live in. This century holds from 2001 to 2022, till 2100 as its end. (See How many hours are there in a year?)

13. What does the Bible say about the 21st Century?

There have been numerous mentions of Judgement Day occurring before the 3rd millennium ends in the Holy Bible. The Bible has a wealth of information about the end times, from Genesis to Revelation. So, the idea behind Judgement Day is that Jesus would descend on Earth with His Father, The Almighty, and put everybody to judgment according to their deeds in life. Those who have sinned would not be given eternal salvation or a place in heaven—an overall catastrophic scenario.

Although we are indeed all in our final days, the final days began much earlier. People have always mistaken the millennium for centuries. Jesus showed three fingers which pointed at the fact that He would return to Earth’s face after a period of 3. But people kept waiting whether it was 3 days, months, years, or centuries. Even after 3 centuries, it is believed that the 3rd millennium will be the last day. Also, check out the article Was Jesus Really a Carpenter?

So, I hope the article answers all the questions related to what century are we in. Let me ask again: which century are we in or living right now? 21st-century it is. 

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