What are the greatest achievements of Steve Jobs?

Top 9 Steve Jobs Achievements | What are the greatest achievements of Steve Jobs?
  1. Made the PC available to everyone

    Steve Jobs was the first to have the vision of making the personal computer available for every person. Previously, computers were used for businesses only.

  2. Revolutionized the PC industry

    It was Jobs who began the PC revolution. IBM copied him and Microsoft might have gotten so big if it wasn’t for Steve Jobs. Bill gates always wanted his company to be bigger than Jobs’. At first, Apple was much bigger than Microsoft.

  3. Saved Disney’s future

    Disney was facing a very tough time before jobs helped with creating some of the best animated movies in history like Toy Story and Bug’s life. Later, Disney bought Steve’s company Pixar and Jobs became a major shareholder in disney.

  4. Revolutionized the music industry

    Apple was the first company to introduce a music store that sells each track independently (iTunes). The iPod & iTunes together changed the music industry completely.

  5. Created the first real smart phone

    Jobs had the idea of making the first smartphone. Before Apple, the smartest phone out there was the bit smart feature phone that could access the internet and do limited tasks. When Apple introduced the iPhone, the whole industry changed. (See How did Steve Jobs start the Apple company?)

  6. The concept of app stores

    Apple was the first to introduce the concept of the app store. Shortly, it was copied by Google’s Android operating system and became the standard for smartphones. Had Jobs not been there, phones could have remained primitive for a much longer time.

  7. Introduction of tablets

    Apple was the first company to commercialize tablets successfully and provide very advanced ones compared to the very old prototypes created by some companies that weren’t really of any use. (See Why did Steve Jobs name his company Apple?)

  8. Jobs introduced a mouse + graphical interface to PCs

    Even though Xerox had this technology in one of their research labs, they didn’t know how to make any use of it. When Jobs saw it he knew that this could be the future of computers, and as a result he used it to revolutionize the PC industry.

  9. Steve Jobs changed the world

    So many people think that Jobs created Apple and became rich, but when looking further into his story it becomes clear that the man revolutionized so many industries and changed the world.

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