What are the benefits of studying a foreign language?

Alex Williams
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  1. Better career opportunities

  2. You can travel easily

    People who know a foreign language will find travelling to that foreign country that they speak its language much easier.

  3. You can work abroad

    When you learn a new language you might get the chance to work in a foreign country because you already know their language.

  4. You get exposed to a new culture

    When you learn a new language you will easily be able to explore the culture behind it and learn more about the world you live in.

  5. Your brain will become more powerful

    According to experts learning a different language can enhance the brain power, allow you to develop different perspectives and to have a more evolved brain.

  6. You are less likely to get Alzheimer

    According to a study multilingual adults experienced Alzheimer at a later age , 75, compared to those who only spoke one language who were likely to develop Alzheimer at the age of 71.

  7. Less likely to get Dementia

    People who speak more than one language were less likely to experience Dementia , a disorder characterized by ,mental deterioration of organic or functional origin, at a younger age according to a study.

  8. Memory is improved

    Studying a new language helps the brain develop a better memory as it is always forced to remember words and phrases. (See Video Summary: How to become a memory master by Idriz Zogaj – TEDxGoteborg)

  9. Your brain will be more alert

  10. The mother language is improved

    When a person studies a new language they might be able to improve their original language as well.

  11. You develop the ability to multitask

    People who study more than one language become better at multitasking since they keep shifting from one language to another from time to time.

  12. You become more perceptive

    A study from Spain’s University of Pompeu Fabra has shown that people who studied two languages were more receptive of their environments and were more likely to spot misleading information. (See What are the benefits of studying computer science?)

  13. You make better decisions

    According to studies languages contain subtle implication that can affect the decision making process. Those who study more than one language might be able to avoid those implications and can thus make better decisions.

  14. You can make international friends

    When you study a new language you might get the chance to meet new people and to make international friends.

  15. You become more creative

    According to studies multilingual speakers might be more creative than those who speak only one language. Speaking a single language can make the thinking patters rigid and fixed.

  16. You develop more tolerance for diversity

    When a person studies a foreign language they usually learn about a new and different culture. This gives them more tolerance for those who are different than them.

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