Voice from the Stone (2017) movie ending explained

How does Jacob get cured in the end of the Voice from the Stone (2017)? What is the climax of the movie Voice from the Stone?
  1. Malvina took Verena’s body

    Malvina took Verena’s body and came back to life. When Verena saw herself buried in the wall, she was not dreaming. It was the time where the exchange process of bodies took place. Some people suggest it was a partial take over and not a full one.

  2. Malvina became a part of Verena

    Some people suggest that Malvina did not know to possess Verena entirely, but instead, she became a part of her, and the consciousness of both existed in the same body. This is supported by Verena’s final words where she said that she could hardly remember what happened before she came here.

  3. Playing the piano was a clue

    At the beginning of the movie, Verena said that she is not a good pianist. At the end of the movie, Verena played the piano very well because that wasn’t her; it was Malvina inside her body.

  4. Jacob recognized his mother

    Jacob was cured and started talking when he recognized his mother in the body of Verena. When Jacob said ‘I missed my mom’ at the end of the movie, he referred to his mom, who was inside Verena’s body. (See Why are children used in horror films?)

  5. Verena was being prepared

    Some people suggest that Verena was prepared for the final event where Malvina will get inside her body. Verena was made to be more like Malvina throughout the movie for the process to happen easily.

  6. The mansion was haunted

    The mansion was haunted by the spirit of Lilia, Malvina and the other people buried in the tombs. The voices Jacob was listening to were real. This is also why Verena used to see Lilia, who was actually dead. (See Dead Silence Movie Ending Explained )

  7. Jacob was waiting for his mother’s spirit

    Jacob knew beforehand that a new woman will come and that his mother’s soul will be inside her. His mother told him earlier in the movie that another woman will come and then he will know when to speak.

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