The body language of shame

The Significant of Nonverbal Expression Of Shame | The body language of shame
  1. Looking down

    When a person feels ashamed of themselves or of something they have done, they might look down towards the floor instead of looking up.

  2. Avoiding eye contact

    When a person feels ashamed, they might find it hard to look people in the eye. This can lead to weak or almost non-existent eye contact.

  3. You take less space

    When a person feels ashamed, they will feel that they want to hide. This will let the person take less space because they unconsciously think that this move makes them less visible.

  4. The neck disappears

    When a person feels ashamed, their shoulders might get raised and their necks might sink inside their bodies. It’s another indication that the person wishes to hide or disappear.

  5. Covering face

    If the situation is too shameful for a person, they might actually cover their face with their hands. (See The body language of defeat)

  6. Darting eyes

    Darting eyes are one of the signs that indicate the presence of emotions such as shame or embarrassment.

  7. Avoidance

    When a person feels very ashamed, they might avoid social interactions completely. The person might seem anxious as they approach other people. (See The Body Language of Anxiety)

  8. Curved back

    When a person feels ashamed, their back will become curved. This is considered an attempt to hide or to take less space to not be seen.

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