The Body Language of Jealousy

A jealous person would cross their both arms on their chest or they will cross their legs while sitting.
  1. Crossed legs

    As per the body language, people cross their legs for various reasons, and jealousy is one of them. If you talk about your or your kid’s achievements and the other person instantly crossed their legs, this means that he is not happy about your success. They might do it unintentionally, but you would get to know their feelings for you.

  2. Touching the nose

    It is said that people usually touch their nose when as per them, something is negative. When you talk about your awards and recognition, and you see that another person is touching their nose. This indeed depicts that they are jealous of it. (See Why do people touch their nose while speaking?)

  3. Smaller body

    When a person thinks that he is treated less important than others, in such cases, their body becomes smaller. You can notice it very quickly as they might fold their arms or shrink in the chair or sofa where they are sitting. They would take less space as compared to normal. This means that they are not happy seeing you or your achievements, which might lead to jealousy.

  4. Touching the ear

    As per body language, people touch their ear when they hear something negative. If you see a person reaching their ear as soon as you tell them anything good about yourself, be it achievements or promotions, it implies that he is jealous of you.

  5. Folding their arms

    People fold their arms for numerous reasons, and one of the reasons for it is not acceptable to what the other person is saying. When you see a person folding their arms after you tell them anything good about yourself, this means that they are jealous of you. (See Why do people fold their arms while communicating with others?)

  6. Curved back

    People curve their backs when they do not like something about themselves. If you tell someone about your accomplishments and success and bent their back, this news made them feel less worthy.

  7. Big silent moment before compliments

    This is something you might have experienced a lot of times. Jealous people do not get words to compliment you. Thus, they might take a big silent moment before congratulating you or saying any good words about it.

  8. Shock and amazement

    When a jealous person hears about any of your victory or attainments, they might go in a state of shock for a moment. You would easily notice that the person is unhappy, low, and anxious after listening to your achievements.

  9. They will want to leave

    You would be able to see it on their face as they would become uneasy and feel like leaving the place as long as you are present. To end this pain and not show that they are jealous, they would quickly leave the site.

  10. Less frequent contact

    As the person hears about your good news and feels jealous about it, they might stop looking at you and make minimal eye contact. They do this to protect their ego as they do not want to show that they feel bad listening to it.

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