The advantages of working from home

What are the benefits of Working From Home? The Advantages of Working From Home
  1. Saving driving time

    When a person works from home he saves the time he was going to waste driving back and forth to work.

  2. Sleeping more

    When a person works from home he can wake up exactly at the time he is required to start working. In such a case that person can sleep more instead of wasting time driving to the office.

  3. Less distractions

    Colleagues in a business environment can distract a person by initiating conversations and side talks. A person who works from home will get less distractions if his family members respected his working environment.

  4. Eating properly

    When a person works in his own home he can take care of his eating habits easily. Instead of eating whatever the company provides or even ordering fast food a person can eat the food he prepares for himself and so keep his eating habits under control. (See How to make healthy eating unbelievably easy by Luke Durward)

  5. More comfortable

    A person who works from home can usually have a more comfortable work environment. The teleworker can dress whatever he likes, he can stay in his pajamas or even work from bed

  6. More privacy

    Many employees, especially the ones working in cubicles, usually complain about personal privacy. When a person works from home he can get the level of privacy he needs. (See Why Do People Care About Online Privacy?)

  7. Saving fuel costs

    When a person works from home he will save fuel costs or public transportation costs.

  8. Extending the car’s life

    When a person works from home his car’s life is usually extended because he will use it much less

  9. A person can work anywhere

    A person who works from home can work from any place he wants including the beach or a summer house.

  10. More time with family

    Even if the worker is fully focused on his work during his working hours still the fact that he sees his family members often makes it seem like he spends more time with them.

  11. Quieter work environment

    Offices are usually busy places with lots of noise. A person who works from home can have a much quieter environment and so can become much more productive.

  12. Much less stress

    When a person works on his own without being pressured by a manager standing behind him he can experience much less stress.

  13. More productivity

    When a person works from home he can become more productive especially if the work environment he set for himself suits his important needs.

  14. No resource conflicts

    It’s not uncommon for employees to fight over resources in a company. For example while a certain employee might be feeling cold the other might want to turn the air condition on.

  15. Avoiding bad weather

    A person who works from home will be able to avoid bad weather, rainy days and intense sunlight.

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