Summary of Macbeth Act 1 – Scene 3

Alex Williams
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  1. One witch wanted to have revenge

    A lady refused to give one of the witches chestnuts. The witch decided to turn herself into a rat then go on the ship the woman’s wife was sailing on to harm him.

  2. Other witches offered help

    The other witches offered help to the first witch. She thanked them and told them she is in control. The witch said that the man will suffer badly.

  3. Macbeth arrived

    Macbeth and Banquo arrived.

  4. The witches started telling the future

    The witches said that Macbeth will be the future king and that Banquo’s descendants will be kings but he wont.

  5. Macbeth was amazed

    Macbeth wondered how could he become the thane of Cawdor or the King. before he got the answers the witches vanished. (See Summary of Macbeth Act 4 – Scene 3)

  6. Ross and Angus delivered the news to Macbeth

    Ross and Angus arrived and told Macbeth that the king is so pleased of his deeds and that he named him the thane of Cawdor.

  7. Banquo had doubts about the witches

    Banquo had doubts about the intentions of the witches. He told Macbeth that they are evil and that they usually say a part of the truth to lure people into their destruction. (See Summary of Macbeth Act 4)

  8. Macbeth got scary thoughts

    Macbeth started getting bad thoughts that scared him such as killing the king to fulfill the prophecy.

  9. Macbeth headed to the king

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