Sam Was Here (Nemesis) 2016 Movie Explained

Sam Was Here aka Nemesis Film Summary | Sam Was Here 2016 Movie Explained
  1. He hasn’t spoken to his wife or kid

    Sam has not been able to reach his wife, Rita, or his child. This is the guilt he feels towards them.

  2. He might have killed his family

    Sam might have killed his family. It is shown by the woman making tea that he accidentally kills and how she tells him that he killed the little girl, which might be his own child. However, that is unclear.

  3. Blood on the teddy bear is lost innocence

    Blood tainting the teddy bear is a metaphor for lost innocence. In a way, Sam had lost his innocence, symbolized here and proved the theory that he is the villain.

  4. The chained door is his prison cell

    The chained door is his prison cell where he can’t leave or enter.

  5. Nobody answers him

    Nobody answers Sam because he was locked in a cell alone, which likely took him a while. (See Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016) Movie Explained)

  6. He was in denial

    Sam was in denial. He didn’t believe that he was guilty. He wanted to scream to the world that he was guilty.

  7. People in masks are his captors

    People in masks are his captors. He sees them in masks because they have no identity to him. Some of them might have also been his victims; hence he kills them quite easily. (See The Number 23 (2007) Movie Explained)

  8. It shows that he is vengeful

    Some scenes show that Sam is very vengeful by taking unnecessary measures to kill his attackers even when he had already defeated them.

  9. He dies in the end

    The ending symbolizes his death sentence is done. The lady cleaning the curtain off his blood shows that at the end.

  10. Eddy is the judge and the jury

    Eddy presents the judge and the jury in Sam’s head where his voice is different when he is the jury. He comes up with the sentence and doesn’t get his hands dirty. He also provides evidence.

  11. Rita said Sam is dead

    Rita, Sam’s wife, said that he is dead and that man has been scaring her. She said that he has been dead for six years, which might be his time in prison before his sentence.

  12. The movie is metaphorical

    The movie is a metaphor for the death sentence. There are many indications of being in limbo, such as the outstretching desert and the chained door, which is a sign of imprisonment.

  13. The red light in the sky is hell

    The red light in the sky is likely hell awaiting Sam. He kept seeing it as it grew nearer and nearer.

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