Monkeys have entered the Stone Age Facts

Monkeys have entered the Stone Age Facts | Monkeys have entered their own Stone Age and are evolving just like humans
  1. Archaeologists found monkey-made stone tools on 3 continents

    Archaeologists have found monkey-made stone tools in west Africa, Brazil and Thailand about the same age as the Egyptian pyramids (2589 to 2504 BC).

  2. Monkey stone tools created a new field of science

    Primate archaeology is the new field of science that focuses on monkey stone tools.

  3. Species of monkeys were identified as stone-wielding

    Chimpanzees, capuchins and macaques were identified as using stone tools.

  4. Routine culture of using stone tools developed

    The fact the monkeys routinely use stone tools means that they have entered the Stone Age.

  5. The research was lead by the Max Planck Institute

    Christophe Boesch, a primate archaeologist from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, led the research. (See Do Cats Really Have Nine Lives?)

  6. Research showed chimpanzees have a criteria for using stone tools

    Research showed that chimpanzees have a structural way of choosing and using stone tools. They deliberately opt for large and heavy stone hammers, between 1 kg and 9 kg.

  7. Discoveries revealed 4,300 years of monkey stone tools usage

    Researchers conclude that monkeys of Ivory Coast have been using stone tools for at least 4,300 years. (See What is the Difference between Apes and Monkeys?)

  8. Capuchin monkeys in Brazil use anvils and stone tools

    Another study from 2004 confirmed capuchin monkeys in Brazil use anvils and stone pounding tools.

  9. Monkeys use stone tools for many things

    So far, monkeys have been using stone tools for cracking open nuts, shellfish and digging ground for tubers.

  10. Monkeys might not be able to advance their Stone Age technology

    Michael Haslam at the University of Oxford in the UK, and leader of the Primate Archaeology Project said ‘We are shrinking their populations dramatically through habitat destruction and hunting. Smaller populations cannot spread and sustain complex technologies as well as larger groups.’

  11. The next step is mastering fire

    Researchers believe the next big step for monkeys would be their mastering of fire. Experiments already showed that monkeys understand the concept of cooked food being better and have used ovens in controlled studies.

  12. Cooked food might help them develop bigger brains

    If the monkeys master cooking food one day, it might help them develop larger brains since cooked food has more calories.

  13. Chimpanzees have relevant brain pathways for advanced stone tools

    Researchers note that relevant brain pathways, which allowed humans to develop bigger brains and advanced stone tools, are present in chimpanzees too.

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