List of FC Porto All Time Top Scorers

FC Porto – Record goal scorers | List of FC Porto all-time top scorers | All-time – Leading Scorers FC Porto
  1. Fernando Gomes

    Gomes played for Porto from 1974 till 1980 then rejoined the team from 1982 until 1989 and scored a total of 355 goals in 451 games.

  2. Hernâni Ferreira da Silva

    Hermani played for Porto from 1950 till 1952 then rejoined the team from 1953 till 1964 and scored a total of 183 goals in 335 games.

  3. Mário Jardel

    Jardel played for Porto from 1996 till 2000 and scored 168 goals in 174 games.

  4. António Teixeira

    Teixeira played for Porto from 1952 till1962 and scored 164 goals in 220 games. (See List of Arsenal All Time Goal Scorers)

  5. Artur de Sousa Pinga

    Pinga played for Porto from 1930 till 1946 and scored 146 goals in 221 games.

  6. Domingos Paciência

    Paciencia played for Porto from 1987 till 1997 then rejoined the team from 1999 until 2001 and scored a total of 142 goals in 379 games. (See List of Liverpool FC All-time top scorers)

  7. Antonio Araújo

    Araujo played for Porto from 1942 till 1949 and rejoined the team from 1950 until 1952 and scored a total of 137 goals in 168 games.

  8. Correia Dias

    Dias played for Porto from 1939 till 1940 then rejoined the team from 1941 until 1949 and scored a total of 113 goals in 122 games.

  9. Custodio Pinto

    Pinto played for played for Porto from 1926 till 1938 and scored 102 goals in 311 games.

  10. Carlos Duarte

    Duarte played for Porto from 1934 till 1942 and scored 98 goals in 228 games.

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