List of Celtic FC all time Top Scorers

Top 10 Celtic FC Goalscorers Of All Time | Celtic FC all-time top goal scorers

  1. McGroy played for Celtic from 1922 till 1937 and scored 502 goals in 477 matches.

  2. Bobby Lennox

    Lennox played for Celtic from 1961 till 1978 then rejoined the team in 1979 until 1980 and scored a total of 301 goals in 599 games.

  3. Henrik Larsson

    Larsson played for Celtic from 1997 till 2004 and scored 242 goals in 315 games.

  4. Jimmy Quinn

    Quinn played for Celtic from 1900 till 1917 and scored 239 goals in 369 games.

  5. Stevie Chalmers

    Chalmers played for Celtic from 1958 till 1971 and scored 236 goals in 431 games.

  6. Sandy McMahon

    McMahon played for Celtic from 1891 till 1903 and scored 200 goals in 261 games. (See List of Manchester United FC All-time top scorers)

  7. Patsy Gallacher

    Gallacher played for Celtic from 1911 till 1926 and scored 200 goals in 491 games.

  8. John Hughes

    Hughes played for Celtic from 1960 till 1971 and scored 197 goals in 435 games.

  9. Jimmy McMenemy

    McMenemy played for Celtic from 1902 till 1920 and scored 178 goals in 558 games.

  10. Kenny Dalglish

    Dalglish played for Celtic from 1968 till 1977 and scored 173 goals in 338 games. (See List of Juventus All Time Top Scorers)

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