Is there a plot on Boku no Pico?

Boku no Pico, worth watching for real? Boku No Pico Series Summary.
Is there a plot on Boku no Pico?
  1. What is Boku no Pico?

    It is one of the best animes ever and has just three episodes, but each of them is worth watching. It was produced by Natural High and directed by Yatabe, Katsuyoshi. It is an excellent piece of art and has received many negative comments from people, yet many people love it.

  2. About Boku no Pico

    This series is about Pico, who works at his grandfather’s coffee shop, café Bebe, for the summer. There he meets Tamotsu, who is white-collar and seeking an escape from the monotonous life. When they see each other, they get attracted, and they feel a spark of love amongst them.

  3. My Pico- Episode 1

    The beginning is interesting where a man pays for watching through a telescope, and then he sees a naked boy on the rock but then the time runs out, and then he puts another coin, but the guy is not there anymore. Then he goes to the beach for a walk and finds Pico.

    They become friends and stop to eat ice cream, it falls on Mukkon’s shirt, and they have a moment in the car. They go to Mukkon’s flat and become even closes. Mukkon was much older than him, but Pico realizes one thing that he is gay.

  4. In Episode 2

    Now, Pico meets Chico, and they become friends and more than that. They go to Chico’s house, and there they make out. The ceiling of Chico’s room was a little broken, and he could see his sister pleasing herself with banana. Later, she goes out, then goes to her room and dresses like a girl; moreover, she uses her vibrator to have a good time.

  5. Episode 3

    The series gets here even dirtier when both these guys meet a girl named Coco. They become friends, and the girl says that she is homeless and stays in a subway. Later he sees Coco masturbating and finds out that he is a man. Three of them have gay sex on the top of a building, which is the end of the series.

  6. Why is this series so notorious?

    People got crazy after looking at this series; also, the internet was full of trolls with it. They recommended each other watching it but did not mention anything about gay sex. This would shock people as they might feel weird, and this series ahs something you might have never seen before.

  7. Is there a plot on Boku no Pico?

    Yes, it does. It has a great story in every episode, and it also breaks the old notions of age, sex, sexuality, and gender. There is a connection between the hearts, along with being physical. All of them have a plot, as mentioned above, about them in the episodes.

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