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Stink bombs have been a weapon of pranksters in schools and colleges. Their foul smell can be breathtaking but, they are used for other purposes too. Earlier only, the military personnel used to know how to make stink sprays. But, as time evolved, people learned this trick. What are stink bomb ingredients that make them this stinky? How to make stink spray? We’ve got you covered!

1. Invention of Stink Bomb

Towards the end of World War II, certain new weapons were being designed to harm the opposing countries. From the declassified files of OSS, it has been evident that Ernest Crocker was recruited in 1943 with the sole purpose to design a new military grenade. This bomb had to be the most effective in becoming a source of derision or contempt.

2. Working of Stink Bomb

Mostly, a stink bomb is a container with one chemical capable of producing a foul smell. While sometimes, there can be a mixture of two or even more chemicals. There can be two pouches within the container that will either burst together or one by one. There is no sound when stink bombs go off. Once it goes off, you can certainly hear people coughing, sneezing and, cursing the person who did it. Towards the end of the article, we will know how to make stink spray at home with simple ingredients.

Stink bombs produce ammonium sulfide that is the same chemical used in prank stink bombs. It is produced by mixing hydrogen sulfide and ammonia.

  • Since hydrogen sulfide has a rotten egg smell, it is advised to release the stink bombs only in richly ventilated areas.
  • Moreover, you have to make sure to keep the stink bombs away from heat or excessive light as the vapor is highly flammable.

3. Other Chemicals Used in Stink Bombs

The main chemicals are Hydrogen Sulfide and Ammonium Sulfide, and both of them are inorganic compounds. Both these compounds emit the smell of rotten eggs. Yet, there are certain other chemicals also that can be used in a stink bomb.

  • There can be organic sulfur compounds like Methanethiol (vomit smell), Butanethiol (Skunk), Propanethiol (cooked cabbage smell) and, Ethanethiol (Durian smell and sometimes like cooked cabbage).
  • Carboxylic Acids can give the smell of old cheese from Caproic acid, Sweaty smell from Propionic acid, stinky feet is obtained from Valeric Acid. The smell of vomit or, rancid butter is acquired from Butyric acid.
  • Amines include Cadaverine and Putrescine give off the stink of rotting meat. Triethylamine gives off the stink of rotting fish.
  • Lastly, Heterocyclics provide the foul smell of feces from the compounds of  Skatole and Indole.

It is entirely up to you to choose ingredients and, how to make stink spray more stinky. (See Why Does Old Aspirin Smell Like Vinegar?)

4. Are Stink Bombs Harmful?

Everything comes with an instruction guide an instruction manual. And when we use things according to the instructions provided, we are safe. A little exposure to the stink bomb cannot be harmful to a person. Anything in excess is harmful, and the same is the case with the stink bomb. The compounds found in a stink bomb can be toxic in high concentrations. But if we are exposed to it for a longer time, those same compounds can be harmful in small concentrations too.

5. The Strongest Stink Bomb

Apart from the normal stink bomb, there is a stink bomb that is strongest of all. The Military Grade Putricant uses a formula of Nasal Nausea, which is considered as the foulest smell. It is a unique liquid that is capable of emitting such distressing smells that can disturb anyone coming into its contact. The formula used to prepare this stink bomb is so powerful that it is prohibited for use among the general public. They are, therefore, considered to be military-grade putricant.

6. Getting rid of That Stinking Smell

There are a wide variety of air fresheners, and room fresheners available in the market to do so. But when nothing works out, we can try the following method to get rid of the stink. Heating up a half cup of vinegar in the microwave will do the magic. The smell of vinegar will cover up all the stinking smells. Your house may smell like vinegar for a few minutes, but after that, all the stench will be gone.

7. Materials Required to Make Stink Bomb

You can now make a stink bomb at home using a simple recipe by just using household items. 

  • Empty plastic bottles with caps
  • A box of matches (around 20 matches)
  • Household ammonia

Be careful while handling them. (See How to Make a Smoke Bomb)

8. How to Make Stink Spray or Bomb?

  • Cut the heads off the matches by using knife or scissors.
  • Place the match heads inside the empty plastic bottle and add about two tablespoons of ammonia. 
  • Seal the cap and swirl the bottle around.
  • Then, wait for three to four days before uncapping the bottle.

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