How to Connect VR Box to PC?

Alex Williams
2 Min Read
  1. Download software on your PC

  2. Download the software on your phone

    No matter which software you use, there will also be a corresponding app for the phone provided by the same publisher. So, if you are using Kinoni software on your PC, then you must get Kinoni VR app on your mobile.

  3. Connect the mobile to the PC

    Connect the mobile to the PC using a USB cable. Note that some programs can give you the option to connect devices using wifi through your existing network.

  4. Run the software on both devices

    Run the software on the PC then run it on the mobile phone. Wait for the detection to happen.

  5. Make sure the display is working

    If everything goes right, you should see the PC screen on your phone. (See How to connect Bluetooth Headphones to your Android device?)

  6. Make sure the screen is duplicated

    For some software, such as Kinoni, you have to select an option to duplicate the display so that two screens appear on the mobile and not one. VR Box and Google cardboard need two images for each lens in order to work. Note that you won’t need that if the source is already sending duplicate images.

  7. Insert the phone in your VR Box

    Once everything is OK, insert the phone in your VR Box and you will see the VR image through the glasses.

  8. The Microsoft Framework Error

    In some cases, you might get an error message when trying to run the software on your windows telling you that you don’t have the right Microsoft frame work software. Just go to Microsoft website and download the needed software then continue the steps. (See How to connect Android Studio with Bitbucket Git repository across multiple computers)

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