How Many Ways Can You Say Mom?

What is another name for Mom? How many ways can you say “mom”?
How Many Ways Can You Say Mom?
  1. Mom’s love

    Moms are the most generous, compassionate, and giving persons on the planet. They do so much for their family and children that being grateful to them is the least we can do. The best part about mom’s love is that their love is unconditional; no matter what, they would love you and support you and raise you to be fierce.

  2. How to make the best out of Mother’s day?

    Don’t you want to make this Mother’s day memorable for you and your Mother? Celebrate this Mother’s day by showing some special gratitude by letting her know that you have some special place for her in your heart.

    So, instead of calling her by ordinary or native language, which most probably would be ‘ma’ or ‘mom’ or ‘momma’ or ‘Mumma’, you can express your emotions by calling her mom in her native language or the language that is known to her. This will make her feel special and surprise her that you have made some efforts learning to say mom in different languages.

  3. How to say mom in different languages?

    Mentioned below are the words that will help you learn to say mom in different languages:

    1.Albanian: “Nene” or “Meme”
    2.Arabic: “Ahm”
    3.Belarusan: “Matka”
    4.Bosnian: “Majka”
    5.Czech: “Maminka”
    6.Danish: “Mor”
    7.Dutch: “Moeder” or “Moer”
    8.Estonian: “Ema”
    9.Filipino: “Ina”
    10.Finnish: “Aiti”
    11.French: “Mere” or “Maman”
    12.German: “Mutter”
    13.Greek: “Mana” or “Mitera”
    14.Haitian Creole: “Manman”
    15.Hawaiian: “Makuahine”
    16.Hindi: “Ma” or “Maji”
    17.Hungarian: “Anya” or “Fu”
    18.Icelandic: “Mamma”
    19.Indonesian: “Induk,” “Ibu,” “Biang” or “Nyokap”
    20. Irish: “Mathair”
    21. Italian: “Madre” or “Mamma”
    22.Japanese: “Okaasan” or “Haha”
    23.Latin: “Mater”
    24.Latvian: “Mamma”
    25.Lithuanian: “Motina”
    26.Malay: “Ibu”
    27. Brazilian: “Mae”
    28.Bulgarian: “Majka
    29.Catalan: “Mare”
    30.Croatian: “Mati” or “Majka”
    31.Norwegian: “Mamma” or “Mor”
    32.Persian: “Madr” or “Maman”
    33.Polish: “Matka” or “Mama”
    34.Portuguese: “Mae”
    35.Punjabi: “Mai,” “Mataji” or “Pabbo”
    36.Romanian: “Mama” or “Maica”
    37.Russian: “Mama”
    38.Samoan: “Tina”
    39.Serbian: “Majka”
    40.Slovak: “Mama” or “Matka”
    41.Spanish: “Madre,” “Mama” or “Mami”
    42.Swahili: “Mama,” “Mzazi” or “Mzaa”
    43.Swedish: “Mamma,” “Mor” or “Morsa”
    44.Turkish: “Anne,” “Ana” or “Valide”
    45.Ukrainian: “Mati”
    46.Urdu: “Ammee”
    47.Vietnamese: “Me”
    48.Welsh: “Mam”
    49.Yiddish: “Muter”
    50. Afrikaans: “Moeder” or “Ma

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