How many Gods are there in the World?

How many Gods are there in all Religions combined? How many Gods exist in different Belief Systems? What are the Differences between Different Gods? How many Gods are currently Worshiped on Earth?
JAN23 How many Gods are there in the World?

Religion is a complex idea when it comes to different belief systems. The many gods you read in the different holy texts, and their differences appear challenging. Instead, you might experience an indifference to other gods. But it is important to know and extract the best ethics from the different religious practices. In the modern world, these differences are confusing. So, it is important to know how many gods are there in Catholic and how many gods are there in Hindu religion. Most importantly, you need to learn how many gods are there in the world. Continue reading!

1. How many Gods are there in the World? How Many Gods are there on Earth?

The world offers many religions to interpret the nature of existence of the world itself. Gods are associated with mythical stories and traditional epics. However, on Earth, the number of gods is like the numbers. An infinite number of gods are there as they are added every time the list of gods is revised.

According to most of the estimations, the number of gods ranges from 8,000 to 12,000 worldwide. There are millions of gods in other religions as well. Collective data brings out different gods and their cultural significance. The number of gods in the world can be understood through a better outlook on the number of gods in different religions. (See How many different religions are there in the world?)

2. How many Gods are there in all Religions combined?

Ancient religions include Hinduism and Greek gods, where the concept of gods differs greatly. The worship of Greek gods begins with agriculture to weather. Then, the gods from the Christian and Muslim cultures are added to this list. Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, and Zionism are also major forms of religious worship. Must read about the origin of an Ogre.

Each of these religions has gods ranging from 1 to 10,000 in number. In some cases, the number extends to more than 1 million. Collectively, to answer how many gods are there in the world, the fact is that the total number of gods would be more than 1 million. A precise data on the same is not possibly analyzed as certain narratives and stories around many gods in the form of incarnations are not yet understood completely. (See What Does Merry Christmas Mean?)

3. How many Gods are currently Worshipped on Earth?

You might call god whenever distress conquers your thoughts. The answer to how many gods are there in the world now that have become significant for religious followers. Let’s see. Millions and billions of gods were worshipped from the ancient period. In the modern world, their number has decreased inside every sect or belief system. For example, only 9 types of gods among 8000 to 12000 gods are currently worshipped.

The other gods are categorized as martyrs, heroes, and warriors. The average number of gods worshipped in different communities ranges from 1 to 16 because of monotheistic and polytheistic worshipping. Monotheism is determined by one god, which explains the Christian and Muslim worship traditions. Polytheism explains the multiple worshipping of gods in Hinduism. Also, check out the 15 most worshipped Gods in the World.

4. How many Gods are there in Hindu Religion?

In the Hindu religion, there are about 33 million gods. These gods are divided and identified according to their duties and services offered to human beings. Below is the list of how many gods are there in the world in Hindu religion.

  • The world’s creator or the world’s emergence is associated with the god Brahma. Brahma is seen as the organizer of all other gods. The Trimurthi includes Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva as the creator, preserver, and destroyer of the world. The three goddesses, including Sarasvati, Lakshmi, and Parvathy, accompany these three gods uniting the power of the universe.
  • It is from these gods that the remaining millions of gods arise. For example, Krishna is the avatar of Lord Vishnu, whose incarnation on Earth took 10 forms. The last one, Kali, is known to appear on the Earth during the Kaliyuga in this century.
  • The sons of Lord Parvathy and Lord Shiva called Ganesh and Kartikeya also represent the legacy of the gods. Lord Ganesh is known for his elimination of any obstacle in the life of a human being. At the same time, Lord Kartikeya is known for helping people fight against evil.
  • Similarly, some animals are considered devotees and kins of gods who are worshipped in different temples. An example is the god Nandi who can be termed a hero and a demi-god. In this way, the number of gods expands to include 33 million gods.

While there are numerous belief systems inside the Hindu religion, people worship one or two gods according to their choice or their problems and needs. The Bhakti tradition and Shaivism explore different disciples of gods and saints who are worshipped based on their good deeds. Sai Baba and Lord Hanuman are known for their love of God and humanity. (See Legend of the Pretzel)

5. How many Gods are there in Muslim Religion?

Besides how many gods are there in the world, you must know that the Muslim religion favors the presence of only one god. Most importantly, this god is not created by anyone. The disciples and followers of the god are known for their worship. The main god in Islam is Allah or the Almighty. The existence of the whole universe is sustained and maintained by Allah. Any destruction caused by humans in this world would be a sin in the eyes of God. 

The holy book of Islam, the Quran, underlines the Muslim community’s belief system. In this text, you will find that Allah is the epitome of justice. No mercy is given to the sinner. God is the supreme power who exists without any legacy or family. There are no other gods above and below him. The religion also affirms the presence of God in a metaphysical realm who is neither male nor female. Must read what does Islam say about astrology?

6. How many Gods are there in Catholic Community?

JAN23 How many Gods are there in the World?

You might wonder how many gods are there in the world belonging to Christianity? The Catholic community belongs to the Christian worshipping tradition. They believe in one god representing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This holy trinity forms the belief that God is the creator and preserver of everything through these three positions. Catholics firmly affirm that the son of God is Jesus Christ and that Jesus Christ is the redeemer of the world. Also, check out what is the difference between grace and mercy in Christianity?

The god’s uniqueness and love for mankind is the major element of redemption. Salvation is not attained if the sinner is not redeemed. Therefore, the godly manifestation of Jesus Christ represents true love for mankind apart from the wrath of God. God also punishes Adam and Eve for their sin in consuming the forbidden fruit. Many saints are disciples and followers of Jesus Christ. They are also worshipped along with gods. (See Was Jesus Really a Carpenter?)

7. How many Gods are there in Judaism?

The Jewish belief in one god dominates the transcendence of life. Monotheism drives the belief system of Jewish worship. This is also called Judaism. According to this religion, the God who appeared and was revealed in front of Moses and Abraham is one. This god is represented in the Hebrew Bible as the one god whose laws are termed rabbinical. These laws are taught by religious followers, leaders, and saints in many instances.

The root of the understanding of the Jewish religion lies in the different periods in Judaism. Historically, Judaism is divided into Biblical, Hellenistic, Rabbinic, and Modern Judaism. All of these represent God as the creator of the world and the omnipotent authority on Earth. (See What are Some Examples of Artifacts?)

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