How long does it take to fully charge a Juul?

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  1. What is Juul?

    It is an absolutely new type of cigarette that people have started loving. It has become so renowned amongst youngsters that it has captured around 50% of the e-cigarette market share. People preferred Juul over other cigarettes because it is sleek and hardly noticeable, plus it does not create a lot of vapour like other e-cigarettes.

  2. Ingredients used in Juul

    There are a few standard ingredients used in making a Juul pod; some of them are:

    • Nicotine- It is a chemical compound found in cigarettes as well, but in Juul, it is in liquid form. It is an addictive stimulant that increases heart rate and blood pressure.
    • Glycerine- It adds moisture to the solution plus helps produce the vapour. It is a thickener and is approved by the FDA for consumption.
    • Propylene glycol- It is a liquid additive that aids in preserving moisture and flavour. It is a synthetic compound that is mostly used in polyester production.
    • Benzoic acid- This is a food additive that is chiefly used as a preservative, it occurs naturally in plants, and its synthetic form is used as a food additive.
    • Flavours- Companies use flavours in natural and synthetic ingredients to give the vape a better taste. For example, peppermint, mixed berries, coffee, mango, etc.
  3. How does Juul work?

    The device heats the cartridge, which contains oil, to create the vapour that quickly dissolved into the air. Its design is pretty similar to a sleek USB and can easily fit in a closed fist.

  4. What percentage of nicotine does a Juul have?

    Everyone knows that regular cigarettes contain nicotine, and so does Juul. But, the nicotine content in Juul is as per the weight. Juul started the nicotine content with 5% pods but now comes in 3%. It can also be said in a cigarette that you may inhale approximately 1.1-1.8, and in a Juul, there is 23mg nicotine per pod.

  5. Are Juul’s safe?

    Although consuming nicotine is not suitable for anyone. It is particularly said that they are not safe for kids, teens, pregnant women and people who have never smoked or used other tobacco products.

  6. How long does it take to charge a Juul fully?

    It has a 200mAh battery, which provides a pretty decent battery life. You can get a good number of puffs for one charge cycle. It comes with USB port charges, which you can charge or just like your laptop or phone.

    The connection between the device and charger used magnetic docking, so be careful while placing the device to avert accidental tripping. It just takes an hour to charge a Juul from 0-100%. If it takes a lot more than this, it determines that your Juul needs to get checked as there is some issue.

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