How does burning to death feel like?

Alex Williams
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  1. Severe suffering as the skin peels

    You will feel intense pain as your skin is full of sensory receptors, and it will start peeling once the fire breaks the outer layer of the skin.

  2. You might die from carbon monoxide

    One of the most harmful gasses, Carbon Monoxide, could be one of the causes of your death in large houses or office fires.

  3. The pain stops after nerves burn

    The pain stops, and the person feels nothing as the nerves are completely burnt. The death of a person is caused by suffocation after that point.

  4. Acute shock

    You might feel an intense shock as soon as the fire explosion occurs. According to some survivors, they said that in the beginning, you would not feel much pain, only shock. However, as soon as the shock fades, the pain gets fierce.

  5. The skin falls

    When the fire broke your outer layer of the skin, it will result in the peeling of your skin. Once the peeling starts, the skin starts falling, leading the fire to reach inner organs.

  6. Body fat leaks out

    Once the skin falling starts, the extra body fat or all the body fat starts leaking out from the body. Here, the body fat works akin to fuel, due to which the body can keep burning for a longer duration. (See What does it feel like to drown?)

  7. Internal organs fail

    Once the fire reaches your internal organs, they decompose and fail.

  8. Shock can make you die

    Acute shock may make you experience a heart attack or very low blood pressure, which might lead you to death. (See What does it feel like to die?)

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