How Do You Whistle?

How do you whistle with your fingers? How do you whistle easily?
  1. What is a Whistle?

    The whistle is defined as a high pitch sound made by forcing air through a small opening. There are various ways through which you can whistle. Some whistle through their fingers, lips, tongue, etc.

  2. Can everyone human whistle?

    Whistling is not that difficult if you know how to do it. With the right technique and a little practice, you can start whistling in no time.

    As it is no big deal and takes a bit of time and lots of patience to learn how to whistle. You might have seen numerous people whistling on particular occasions; if you want to learn it and whistle the same way as them, you are on the right page! As anyone and everyone can learn how to whistle except the ones who suffer from certain medical conditions.

  3. Whistling with your lips

    It is one of the most common ways many people whistle out of their mouth through lips. Whistling with your lips can easily be done by:

    • Making your lips wet and puckering them
    • Blowing air through your lips, initially softly. Then insert a bit of pressure.
    • Blowing harder while keeping your tongue relaxed
    • Adjusting your lips, jaw, and tongue to create different ones
  4. Whistling with your tongue

    Using your tongue to whistle might not produce a thunderous sound but learning this style of the whistle is very easy:

    • Wet your lips and pucker slightly
    • Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth while keeping your mouth slightly open. Remember to place the tongue behind your two front teeth.
    • The more you pucker and the harder you blow, the louder you will be able to produce the sound of a whistle.
    • You will be able to create different tones by puckering and widening your mouth.
  5. Whistling with your fingers

    This style of whistling produces the loudest tone as compared to all other methods. One should know how to whistle with their fingers if they want to grab the attention of someone or want to stop public transport. You can whistle with your fingers by:

    • Place the tips of your pinkies together to form an A shape. Just ensure that your thumbs should be facing you while holding down your other fingers.
    • After making your lips a bit wet, tuck your teeth inward over your teeth
    • Until your first knuckles reach your lip, push your tongue back with the tips of your pinkies
    • Close your mouth tightly while keeping your lips tucked, fingers in your mouth, and tongue folded
    • Once you blow, make sure that the air is coming out of the opening space of the two pinkies. In case you feel that the air is crossing through any other area, it means you have not closed your mouth tightly
    • Blow harder to hear a loud pitched sound
  6. Whistling by sucking in air

    It is one of the most challenging ways one could learn how to whistle through this technique. But if you can learn this technique, it is the effective ways through which you can produce a high-pitch sound to grab someone’s attention:

    • Wet your lips and pucker
    • Suck in the air until you hear a whistling sound. You may experience your jaw drop slightly.
    • You will be able to produce a louder sound, depending upon how hard you suck the air.
  7. Why still can’t I whistle?

    If you have practised all the ways and given considerable time in learning how to whistle, and still you cannot make it, there may be an underlying medical reason for the lack of sound.

  8. Medical reason for not being able to Whistle

    A muscular sphincter in your throat called the velopharynx needs to close entirely for producing a proper whistling sound. If it does not get close entirely, you may not be able to whistle. Some of the common reasons that may cause velopharyngeal  defunctioning includes:

    • Weak throat muscles
    • Cleft palate
    • Adenoid surgery
    • Motor speech disorder
    • Space between the palate and throat

    Also, it has been surveyed that only 13% of the people in the world know how to whistle excellently.

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