How do You become a Slave?

What is the Job of a Slave? What are the Types of Slaves? How much did a Slave cost? How do You Punish a Slave? Who ended Slavery?

This world has been much more developed in the last few decades and is still developing at a high rate of speed. The development has helped people to live comfortable life. However, we still see slavery near our homes, in our neighborhoods, on the corner of the streets, in each country, and all over the world. And as you dive deep down into the concept of slavery, you might think- how do you become a slave? However, many people have also fought against the social system and ended slavery in most parts of the globe. In this article, you will have the answers to all your questions regarding slavery, its history, society, the job of a slave, and much more.

1. What is the Job of a Slave?

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There is a fallacy at the bottom of the lives of slaves as they do not have a linear or permanency in their jobs. They are used to working as their masters require them. There is no particular job that an enslaved person does, but they are used as laborers in every possible field. According to a study, it has been found that slaves were mostly involved in labored jobs in the agricultural sectors for odd tasks. Concluding with the thought, the job of a slave is to carry out menial tasks given by their owner. (See Who gives the Authority to Colonize in a Charter Colony?)

2. What are the Types of Slaves?

If you explore ancient times, you will find four types of slavery: chattel, bonded, forced labor, and sexual slavery. Compared to modern times, the types of slavery have attained new heights. This includes:

  • Human trafficking
  • Bonded labor
  • Debt bondage
  • Forced labor
  • Child slavery
  • Sexual slavery
  • Domestic servitude
  • Forced and early marriage
  • People born into slavery

3. How do You Become a Slave?

As you encounter any type of slavery in front of you, you end up questioning the entire system. The first thing that strikes your mind is what crime did people do or how do you become a slave, even though one is capable of living a good life. Well, some of the reasons are:

  • Some are born as slaves because their parents are enslaved. Usually, this chain goes on through generations.
  • Many people become enslaved by walking on illegal paths like smuggling, drug trafficking, and many more.
  • To elope starvation, many people sell their children or do human trafficking, which in turn enslaves them for a lifetime.

4. What were Ways to Become a Slave?

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Take a look at the following points to know how do you become a slave:

  • To become enslaved, you need to give up the dream of having a sober life for yourself, like getting educated, taking care of your family, having a proper career, getting along with good people, and working hard to earn a decent living.
  • You need to give up on all these and focus on spending time doing odd jobs for your master, and let yourself degrade.
  • If anyone asks- how do you become a slave, then tell them that one must take the oath of becoming a loyal servant to their boss and finish all the menial work bestowed on them anytime. 

5. Do Slaves get Paid?

Yes, as per rules and regulations, slaves get paid by their owners. However, it is not always the case. They receive a very small amount of money even after working for a long period of time. It is as per the wish of their owners. They might receive some extra amount for certain special tasks only if the owner is happy with the work. (See Mounted Police Jobs)

6. How much did a Slave Cost?

According to a study, it was during the 1840s that an 18-year-old slave was priced at around $650, which in today’s currency would rate around $14,500. However, as time passed, machines were introduced that could work much faster within a short period. The value of menial labor, therefore, went down. As a result, by 1969, an enslaved person was priced at $200. In today’s world, a slave costs approximately around $90. (See How much does a Maaco paint job cost?)

7. How do You Punish a Slave?

Slavery is basically menial labor, which involves obeying orders like a machine without breaking or asking questions. For even a little disobedience, slaves are punished and mostly abused because the owners feel the urge to assert their dominance frequently.

  • To punish, the owner uses a whip or even hangs a slave.
  • They often burn down the slaves, rape them mercilessly, imprison them, and beat them to no end. 

8. Who ended Slavery?

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Whenever you think of the people or the person who ended slavery, the first name that comes to is President Abraham Lincoln, who was one of the main reasons for the abolition of slavery. Other than this, when the British Empire had conquered almost all parts of the world during 1833, they passed the Slavery Abolition Act 1833, which was also the reason for the abolition of slavery over the oriental parts of the world along with the British Empire. (See Why Did John Wilkes Booth kill Abraham Lincoln?)

9. Does Slavery still Exist Today?

Yes, slavery still exists today. According to the Global Estimates of Modern slavery of 2022, the International Organization for Migration, and the International Labour Organization, there are around 49.6 million slaves in the modern world.

Slavery, perhaps, is a never-ending phenomenon in this world. Slavery is a punishment; it is punishment for offenders, unpaid debts, and other criminal activities. It is unfortunate since many people accept it as fate when people are born as slaves or are sold as slaves for money. This is how it becomes a lifecycle for these unfortunate people which keeps going on. They have just one hope: they could escape starvation and death for some time because slaves get paid for certain jobs. (See Which Settlers migrated to the Backcountry and Why?)

10. What Country still has Slavery?

Numerous slaveries are going on all over the world. However, the countries with higher slavery include:

  • Russia
  • The Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Indonesia
  • Egypt
  • Nigeria
  • Myanmar
  • Iran
  • Turkey
  • Sudan

We hope to provide you with all the required information regarding slavery and how do you become a slave. Even though this world is developing, slavery seems to be unstoppable in some parts of the world. We, being modern, try a lot to resolve this issue, but it seems to be a virus that is still spreading. We can all promise to do our part, and help them a bit whenever we get a chance, only to improve their lives. (See What are the Southern Colonies Government?)

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