How 4chan started?

What is 4chan and where did it come from? How 4chan started?
  1. Christopher Poole was a fan of Anime

    Christopher Poole , the founder of 4chan, was passionate about Anime and he used to spend his time browsing forums and connecting with anime fans.

  2. Christopher was fond of 2chan

    Christopher was fond of a site called 2chan which was basically a site for sharing images related to anime. The site’s code was written in Japanese.

  3. Christopher decided to translate it to English

    Christopher decided to translate the site to English using Babelfish translator.

  4. Christopher named his new forum 4chan

    Because 3chan was already taken Christopher chose the name 4chan for his new anime based message bored. (See How to choose a domain name for your website?)

  5. 4chan was launched on Oct 1st 2003

    4chan was launched with one forum about Anime and random topics in October 2003.

  6. 6 days after the launch the site had 1 million hits

    only 6 days after the launch 4chan managed to get 1 million hits.

  7. Christopher had troubles paying for hosting

    Christopher tried to raise money in various ways as he was having trouble paying for the hosting.

  8. Christopher got an offer to sell 4chan for $50,000 dollars

    Christopher got an offer to sell 4chan for $15,000 dollars from a Japanese toys shop. When he refused the offer was increased to $50,000 dollars but he refused it as well.

  9. 4chan became a ground of Memes

    It’s believed that 4chan was one of the forces that made Memes popular as the site slowly turned into a ground for meme creation and discovery. (See Why are internet memes so popular?)

  10. In 2009 Christopher as in dept

    In 2009 Christopher had a dept of $20,000 dollars as 4chan was losing money because of its high hosting costs.

  11. 4chan’s alexa rank was about 700

    4chan became very popular and its Alexa rank hovered around 700.

  12. 4chan was sold for an undisclosed amount

    According to Wikipedia on September 21 2015 Christopher announced that Hiroyuki Nishimura, the former administrator of 2channel, bought the site from him. The amount was undisclosed.

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