Is there a way that I can find my lost AirPods case? I have the AirPods, just not the case

  1. 1 About AirPods

    They are the wireless Bluetooth headset from apple. They have various uses such as listening to music, and you can also take calls from it.

    When someone calls on your apple phone, and you have AirPods in your ears, then the call would automatically re-route to the AirPods. They have a great feature that they can sense you are talking; therefore, it filters the background noise, which makes the communication really smooth.

  2. 2 AirPods case

    Along with the AirPods come to its case, which is essential to keep them safe and to charge them. This case helps determine the charging status of your AirPods through a light. Greenlight states that it is charged; amber light means less than one full charge remains, and while light means they are ready to get connected.

  3. 3 Why is the AirPods case important for using AirPods

    Usually, people lose their AirPods as they are tiny, so people keep it somewhere and forget. But, various people lose their AirPods case because of which they cannot even use the AirPods as they cannot charge them.

  4. 4 How to find the AirPods case if they are offline?

    In case if you have left your AirPods case somewhere and there is no battery in it, then your AirPods would be offline. Tracking AirPods is easy as you can search for them through various methods, but if your AirPods are lost, there is no way to track them; you would have to buy a new case either from apple or from any third party so that you could charge them.

  5. 5 A technique that might work

    There is one way that is not sure-shot, but it has worked for various people many times. You can do this by tracking the last location of your AirPods if you kept them together and started using our AirPods but forgot the case. You can track your AirPods location by:

    • Go to Find my iPhone app and select AirPods from the list.
    • On the map, you would be able to see their last location.
    • When you see the last location, there are chances that you might find your AirPods case too.

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