Facts Summary: Apple iRing

Alex Williams
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  1. IRing is a ‘smart ring’ invented by Apple

  2. IRing will have multiple functionalities

    iRing will support taking photographs with its camera, receiving and sending texts, and displaying time.

  3. IRing will have a microphone

    iRing will have a microphone which will be able to record voice messages or possibly be used with the camera for online video chat.

  4. It will support apps

    iRing will support apps which can be used to extend its basic functionality.

  5. It will detect user’s writing motion

    iRing will be able to detect user’s writing motion and turn it into texts.

  6. It will monitor heart beat and health

    iRing will be equipped with biometric sensors that can monitor owner’s heart rate, perspiration levels and body temperature.

  7. It will interact with iPhone and iWatch

    iRing will be able to interact with iPhone, iWatch and other Apple products. (See Why Apple has very high quality standards?)

  8. It will emulate a computer mouse

    iRing will be able to emulate the functionality of the computer mouse. The owner will only need to gesture with the hand and the computer will respond accordingly.

  9. It will improve owner’s safety and social skills

    Apple cites: ‘The light emitted by a touch screen may be inappropriate in certain social environments or even dangerous if it gives away the position of a threatened user. A need therefore exists for a more discreet, safer, more efficient, or more ergonomic way to interact with touch screens.’

  10. It will interact with other remote devices

    iRing will be able to interact with household devices, lights, car systems and similar devices. (See Why Apple Stores Were a Massive Success?)

  11. It will be used for money and data transfers

    Two iRing owners could transfer money or data with a handshake.

  12. It will be charged externally

    iRing sports a standard charging port that can be connected to a power grid, a computer or a car.

  13. It will support gestures

    iRing will be able to recognize owner’s gestures such as pointing a finger or snapping them. These gestures can be connected to various iRing actions.

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