Can a Megalodon Eat a Blue Whale?

Is there a King of the Ocean? Can a Megalodon Shark eat a Whale? Can a Megalodon eat a blue whale? Which animal can defeat a Megalodon?

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The ocean is as vast as one can think and even more. Only a mere 20% of the oceans around the globe have been explored yet, the other remains a mystery to us to date. Talking about mysterious creatures found deep under the waters is not uncommon and these have been around since ancient times. Megalodon, among many, was a deadly creature of the sea. But what is a megalodon? Can a megalodon eat a blue whale? Can a megalodon shark eat a whale? Let’s dive into answers to these and many more.

1. Who is the King of the Ocean?

There has always been a question about who the king of the ocean is. While many believe it to be the great white shark, this is not so. The king of the ocean is the one that is a competition to the vicious white sharks and a threat to the big and small creatures in the waters. This is none other than the killer whales! They are natural predators who have the right knack and skills to attack in the water and enough intelligence to work in teams. A significant reason for this is that they manoeuvre as a social unit and communicate well to plan their attack on prey. (See What are Some Animals that have Big Eyes?)

2. Are Blue Whales Friendly?

Blue whales are the largest mammal in the world, with a weight of over 200 tonnes. To give an approximate weight, it would take around 33 elephants to make up one whale. Looking at their huge bodies, one might judge they are deadly beings, and the answer is quite the opposite. They are pretty harmless creatures in general, not to their prey but to us humans. So they are quite friendly and we should never provoke them.

There have been no attacks by blue whales that can be considered fatal, however, there has been an instance where a person called James Bartley was swallowed by one yet was alive inside the stomach. Another thing to remember is that is illegal to touch a whale under federal law! Now, can a megalodon eat a blue whale? To get the answer, read on. Also, check out How Big Is the Biggest Whale?)

3. Can a Megalodon Shark Eat a Whale?

Image by Carla Burke from Pixabay

Megalodon is a species of mackerel shark which has been extinct for about 3.5 million years, getting themselves a name under the prehistoric creatures who were monstrous. The meaning of the name Megalodon is big tooth and the only evidence we have of their existence is through fossils dug out by archaeologists. Swooning over the question about how can a megalodon shark eat a whale is pretty interesting because the megs as megalodons could totally devour a blue whale without much effort. They weren’t given the title of the deadliest and biggest shark to ever live for no reason. (See 12 Catfish Whiskers Facts)

4. Can a Megalodon Eat a Blue Whale?

It is pretty funny to ask, can a megalodon eat a blue whale? Because megs can absolutely cram down a blue whale in 5 bites. While alive, these creatures were spread all over the globe with the biggest of their specimens occupying the southern part of the Pacific Ocean. The megs were huge creatures with an average human being estimated to be the size of their dorsal fin and having a height shorter than their tail. You could visualise the rest of it. They were the deadliest of the shark species to date and could have easily eaten a blue whale, which is the largest mammal on the planet at present. Read the List of Animals with Manes.

5. What Whales did Megalodon Eat?

Megalodon was one of the top carnivores of its time and used to feed on marine organisms. Being termed as the world’s largest fish they had to have a lot to fill their belly, as much as nearly 2500 pounds a day to get energy and strength. To make a comparison with a megalodon, you have to eat nearly 3300 cans of tuna a day to match their appetite.

Can a megalodon eat a blue whale? Well, they preyed on big fishes including dolphins, seals, and types of whales such as baleen, toothed, and sirenians. It is also said that the megalodon, if alive, could chew down on a killer whale in just 5 easy bites. Must see What is Blobfish (Psychrolutes marcidus)?

6. What Shark is Bigger than a Megalodon?

Photo by Matt Waters on Pexels

A shark is dangerous and a threat to other marine life and us humans, so, is it bigger than the monstrous Megalodon? Can a megalodon eat a blue whale? Being part of the same species doesn’t mean it would be quite similar in body size and threat level. The megalodons, if alive, would have been larger than the great white sharks. Blue whales are larger than sharks, so it would be safe to say that megalodon was and is the biggest and largest shark, the deadliest one too. (See 21 Healthiest Fish for Fishetarians)

7. What’s Bigger than a Megalodon?

The blue whale is known for its humongous size and taking the crown to being called the largest mammal on Earth. A megalodon though the deadliest of the sharks, might lack a bit to be compared in size with a blue whale. Hence if you ask, can a megalodon eat a blue whale? Well, yes. However, among other sharks namely killer sharks, great white sharks, and bull sharks, the megalodon is the most dangerous.

A prehistoric creature known as Leedsichthys which was another giant from the ocean can defeat the megalodon in its size. The Leedsichthys, which was not a predator was quite huge with an approximate 16.5m in length and would have been a competition to the deadly megalodon in size. (See How Big is the Biggest Octopus?)

8. What Animal can Defeat a Megalodon?

A megalodon may have been large in size and deadly too, however, there are many on the list if we ask which animal can defeat a megalodon. A blue whale may be good competition to a megalodon, especially a female blue lion who can be very dangerous while defending her little one.

A Colossal Squid can defeat a megalodon using its tentacles which have sharp hooks making it different from Giant Squid. Speaking of Giant Squids, they are another creature which could defeat the megalodon. And the last of the series is another prehistoric marine creature known as the Aust Colossus which never stopped growing and lived in the deep waters. (See Do All Jellyfish sting?)

9. Which is Bigger T Rex or Megalodon?

T Rex, a common name for Tyrannosaurus rex is a prehistoric creature that is a favourite to many across the globe. Kids that love dinosaurs often have T-Rex as one of their favourites. A T Rex which means king of the tyrant lizards in comparison to a megalodon is smaller and lighter with a length of 50 feet and 50 tons. Similar to a megalodon, all we know about T Rex is through the fossils and what the archaeologists could find. So, we can conclude that a megalodon is bigger than a T rex. (See All Types of Dinosaur Names and Pictures)

10. Who would Win a Megalodon or a Killer Whale?

A killer whale also known as the orca is known to be one of the largest members of the dolphin family. They are stunning having black and white as their colour, although they dare not be mesmerised by their beauty because they are powerful carnivores as well.

Megalodon as a creature is pretty deadly and a threat to the then marine life while on the other side killer whales mostly roam around in groups making it difficult for potential predators to break them apart or hurt them. But a megalodon could, not very easily, still, be able to defeat a killer whale if this sort of exchange could take place. So, can a megalodon eat a blue whale? Yes, generally megalodon will be the winner. (See What is the Biggest Thing on Earth?)

11. Who would Win Megalodon or Kraken?

Image by Vlad Min from Pixabay

Kraken is a legend from the sea world often marked as a sea monster. The Kraken is known to be a dashing 100 feet creature whereas a megalodon grows about 60 feet. The Kraken is known for its strong tentacles, the grip of which can easily crush large animals, choking them up and killing them in one go.

Even though the megalodon is one of the deadliest of its kind it just has a mere 50-50 chance of winning against the mighty Kraken which is a legend in old folklore known for ripping ships apart with its incredible strength and being a terror for humans and marine organisms alike. It all depends on who grabs the opportunity and defeats the opponent. (See What does a Kraken Look Like?)

12. Who is Stronger Livyatan or Megalodon?

Apart from wondering how can a megalodon eat a blue whale, note that the winner between a megalodon and Livyatan is definitely the Livyatan which is another extinct species coming under sperm whales. The ancient creature had a threat and that was none other than the megalodon, one of the most threatening of the sharks. The teeth of the Livyatan were the most dangerous as they could chow down on meat without much struggle and thus the prey had no escape from them. Back in ancient times, Livyatana would have been an apex predator feared by the big, small, and deadly! Unfortunately, it is extinct. (See List of Names for Groups of Animals)

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