25 Best Male Country Singers of all Time

Who is the greatest country singer of all time? The Best Male Country Singers of All Time
25 Best Male Country Singers of all Time
  1. Johnny Cash

    He was an American singer and songwriter who became a legend of country music. He was reckoned one of the most powerful musicians of the 20th century. He gave great hits, and people loved the way he played the guitar. His signature song was “Folsom Prison Blues.”

  2. Merle Haggard

    He was an American country singer-guitarist and songwriter. People loved him for his uniqueness in music and his unbelievable talent. He gave terrific bits that would be remembered forever, such as Swinging Doors, Tonight the bottle let me down, Mama Tried and many more.

  3. Hank Williams

    He is said to be the most celebrated country artist of all time. His band was called The Driftin’ Cowboys. He became an influence of all the best singers because of his commendable work. Unfortunately, this legend dies at the young age of 29 but left behind some beautiful songs like Lost Highway, Your Cheating Heart, etc.

  4. George Jones

    He has well-deserved fame as a revolutionary. He was the voice of country music for decades on the radio. His music stands as a prime example of how powerful country music can be. He had a golden voice that cannot be compared to anyone, it was different, and that was his style.

  5. George Strait

    He is said to be the king of the country by his fans. He sang real country music and gave the most fabulous hits of all time like Write this Down; Give it away, The chair and many more.

  6. Alan Jackson

    He is said to be the best country singer and songwriter ever. He was the calm man of country stars and has been steady throughout his 30 years in the limelight. He gave great hits like “Where were you”, “Don’t rock the Jukebox”, “Midnight in Montgomery”, etc.

  7. Willie Nelson

    He is a fantastic singer who gave the greatest hits like “Always on my mind,” “Blue eyes crying in the rain,” “On the road again”, and many other songs like this. His voice was both earthy and crystal clear. He brought a bit more pluck to country music.

  8. Vince Gill

    He has been one of the greatest vocalists of all time. Gill is said to be the most talented combined with the versatility of all. He became one of the biggest names of the 1990s because his voice was really otherworldly, which gave it some of best hits. (See 10 Best Country Artists of 2020)

  9. Randy Travis

    He started his career in the 1980s and gave such amazing songs that even the most hardened soul would believe that he had heard the voice of God. He was the real country voice who has charted more than country music songs on Billboards country music charts top 100.

  10. Conway Twitty

    He is one of the best balladeers of all time. His chart career started as a rockabilly icon and is said to be responsible for ensuring that first-generation rock & roll would always be counted as part of the country sound.

  11. Buck Owens

    Formerly he was a fiddle player; he travelled as a truck driver and sat on recording sessions at Capital records with Wanda Jackson, Gene Vincent, and Del Reeves. He played in dance bands for several years, but then his career took off with the greatest hits like My heart skips at a beat, Act Naturally, and I’ve got a tiger by the tail.

  12. Kenny Rogers

    He was an American singer, record producer, actor and entrepreneur. He was also listed as one of the most popular country music male singer in 2015. He has sold more than 100 million albums and has earned almost every award you can think of.

  13. Waylon Jennings

    He formed his first band at the age of 12, named the Texas Longhorns and then he also played at a local bar where he developed a large fan base. Later he released many singles, but he got fame when he signed with RCA/Victor in 1965.

  14. Hank Snow

    He was a Canadian born singer who delivered 150 albums and charted 85 singles. Majorly all of his songs were fabulous, like “I’m Movin On,” “The Golden Rocket,” “I’ve been everywhere”, and many more.

  15. Bob wills

    He had a profound influence on country music, as he is also said to be the first master genre-bridging musical synthesis. He and his band got their significant hits in the 1930s and ’40s with fantastic hits like “San Antonio Rose” and “Steel Guitar Rag.”

  16. Brad Paisley

    He burst onto the country music like a flood. He has the most beautiful long songs ever, plus he also had a great sense of humour which he added to some of his songs. He had 32 top ten singles on Billboard’s country music chart, with 19 of them who became number one. (See 10 Hottest Male Country Singers)

  17. Charley Pride

    He was the first black superstar of country music who became really famous and gave the greatest hits of all time. He is a very polite and kind man who has a silky golden voice. Pride also won the      CMA Entertainer of the year award in 1971.

  18. Blake Shelton

    He is an American country singer and television personality who made a high impact on country music quickly. He has given great hits like “Honey Bee,” “Hill Billy Bone,” “Goodbye Time”, and many more.

  19. Garth Brooks

    He is an American singer and songwriter and was one of the primary drivers of the country’s crossover push during the ’90s. He got immense popularity in the U.S because he integrated rock and roll elements into the country genre.

  20. Glen Campbell

    He played and sung so well that it felt like a bird flying. He did it with so much dexterity. Campbell got his start in the ’60s, and since then, he has given various hits that would be remembered forever.

  21. Kris Kristofferson

    He was an American hero from Vietnam, had amazing looks and an equally crisp and craggy voice. He was a terrific singer who had multiple hits like “For the Good Times,” “Sunday Morning Coming Down,” “Me and Bobby McGee.” His writing skills were very creative, which help take the country lyricism to a different level.

  22. Keith Urban

    He is a New Zealand born Australian country musician. He became one of the genre’s most celebrated guitar heroes during the early 21st century. He released a debut album and charted four singles before moving to the U.S. His key tracks were “Somebody like You,” “Stupid Boy,” “You’ll Think of Me.”

  23. Hank Williams Jr.

    He made country music what it is today. He did not come easily; he spent several years with Hank Sr. after that, he gave rebellious hits like “A Country Boy Can Survive,” “Family Tradition,” “Whiskey Bent and Hellbound.”

  24. John Denver

    His music was peppy and pleasant, which was very easy and soft to listen to. He was an American singer, songwriter, activist and actor. He was also named as the Entertainer of the year by CMS in 1975. His major hits were “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” “Thank God I’m a Country Boy.”

  25. Marty Robbins

    He was one voice in the country music that was easily recognizable. People of all ages love his songs as he was one of the most exceptional singers in country music. Robbins is also said to have the most beautiful voice in the history of country music.

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