Be Afraid Movie (2017) Explained

Be Afraid Movie (2017) Film Summary |Movie Review: BE AFRAID (2017) Explained
  1. Dark creatures steal children

    The young children are often disappeared by Dark creatures who were living in the tunnel. These creepy creatures attack the children’s parents and smother their children.

  2. Chief Collins was aware of the story

    Chief Collins knew about this story already. Instead of taking any action, he covered the story by accusing Dean Booth of being crazy as he did not want those village people to know about the reality.

  3. Nikki remembered the exchanged

    When Nikki find some files on her father’s computer tablet, she memorized that the same files were exchanged between her father and the tall, dark man. Then she realized that her father was involved in the conspiracy and knew everything about what was happening.

  4. Chief Collins kidnapped two children

    To save his daughter- Nikki, and release her from the tall Dark creature, Chief Collins kidnapped two children from the village and gave them to the Tall Dark man. (See The Devil’s Candy (2017) Movie Explained)

  5. Dr John sacrificed himself for his child

    Dr John showcased his bravery by entering into the tunnel to save his son Nathan as he wanted him to escape from the tunnel. Although he got succeeded in his mission of letting Nathan escape, he himself got trapped inside the cave.

  6. Dr John turned into a dark creature

    When Dr John reached home once after he woke up in the tunnel, he realized that nobody could see him anymore. As he was turned as a dark shadow, who could only appear in the corner of one’s vision. (See The Autopsy of Jane Doe Movie Explained)

  7. Chief Collins was allowing this to happen

    Chief Collins was covering up the entire story only to keep her daughter safe from the dark creature. That’s why he was letting him steal children from other people’s houses in the village.

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