Are Ghosts Real?

Is there anything like a ghost? Why Do People Believe in Ghosts?
Are Ghosts Real?
  1. Do you believe in ghosts?

    There are many people who say that ghosts are for real, but also there are numerous people who say that there is nothing called ghosts. Although various cultures globally believe that some spirits survive death to live in another realm. Ghosts are one of the most widely accepted paranormal phenomenons.

  2. Percentage of people who believe

    As per research, it was found that 43% of Americans believe in ghosts. 29% of Americans say that they have felt people after they died. This means that almost half of the U.S thinks that the spirit exists. But, the truth is that, as per scientists that are no evidence to date that there are ghosts.

  3. History

    Suppose you read the Bible or Shakespeare’s Macbeth, which were written ages ago. In both of them, it is clearly mentioned that ghosts exist. Ghosts have been mentioned in thousands of stories, and some people also say about their personal experiences with them. In fact, there are a lot of stories of the ghost from the ancient Egyptian culture and ancient Mesopotamian.

  4. Type of questions that arise?

    When you think of ghosts or spirits of people who die, several questions come to mind. For example, what happens to people when they die? Can the spirits interact with us? Can dead people see us from above, or do they stay around us? Such questions make you confused about whether ghosts or spirits are there or not.

  5. Personal Experiences

    There are a lot of people who claim that there are ghosts because they have had personal experiences. Few people have felt them directly; some have heard stories. People say that there are different types of ghosts, good and bad. They have some wishes that were not fulfilled, which is why these spirits come back, and people feel they are a ghost.

  6. Research

    As per the scientists, they have tried loads of time to get evidence or proof on the existence of ghosts, but they got nothing. They have used many advanced equipment like Geiger counters, EMF detectors, infrared cameras and ion detectors, yet there is no verified case of ghost detection. Many experts also say that we cannot expect tools to provide evidence of the ghost’s existence.

  7. Haunted house

    Another reason why people presume that ghosts exist is because of the haunted house or places. There are an array of places all around the world where people had personal experiences of ghost. Also, there are such haunted places where people go and do not come back ever because there are ghosts.

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