17 Signs that show that someone hates you

Body language signs that someone doesn't like you | 17 Signs that show that someone hates you

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  1. 1 Emotionally charged critcism

    People can criticize others for various reasons, good or bad, but when someone hates another his criticism will usually be charged with negative emotions. In such a case, the person uses criticism as a method to release the frustration that results from hatred.

  2. 2 Feeling bad when you succeed

    If a hater sees you succeeding or heard that anything good happened to you he will become less energetic, seem sad and seem discontent. See also reasons people hate you for no reason.

  3. 3 Embarrassing you in public

    Haters usually try to make the ones they hate look bad. If a person constantly tries to make you look bad by making fun of you in front of others or writing bad comments on social networks then he might be a hater.

  4. 4 Leaving emotionally charged comments online

    Haters usually try to attack the ones they hate directly or indirectly by acting as if they are debating about something while taking that advantage to pour out some of their hate through that conversation. This usually happens on social networks.

  5. 5 Never congratulating you

    Haters usually have a very hard time congratulating others or complementing them as both actions can make them feel bad.

  6. 6 Intense jealousy

    Jealousy fuels hatred and hatred results in jealousy as well. If a person is so jealous of you then there is a possibility that he is a hater. See how to identify jealous people.

  7. 7 Body language of hatred

    A hater will usually not face you directly while talking, make less eye contact with you, give false smiles and avoid touching you. See the body language of haters for more info.

  8. 8 Bad mouthing you

    People use gossip to release the frustration they have against others. If a person bad mouths you in your absence then there is a big possibility that he is a hater. See also why do girls love to gossip.

  9. 9 Trying to pick verbal or even physical fights

    Haters can sometimes try to do anything to start a verbal or even physical fight. The ultimate goal of those haters is to make the person they hate feel bad.

  10. 10 Feeling content when someone makes fun of you

    Friends can laugh at one another normally but haters will seem exceptionally content when the one they hate is being made fun of. See the psychology of jokes.

  11. 11 Frequent mean jokes

    If a person hates another then he might keep telling mean jokes about that person just to piss them off.

  12. 12 Differentiation in treatment

    A hater will usually treat you very differently than the way he treats others. For example, you can ask for a favor and get turned down while another person can ask for the same favor and get a positive response.

  13. 13 They don't laugh at your jokes

    A hater gets annoyed when the person he hates is around. In such a case, the hater will not feel like laughing if the one he hates said a joke.

  14. 14 They don't acknowledge your presence

    Some haters do their best to ignore the ones they hate. They won't say hi or even try to avoid the ones they hate completely.

  15. 15 They constantly disagree with you

    A hater will usually try to find a point of disagreement with the one he hates in order to release some of the hatred and frustration they have in their hearts.

  16. 16 They steal your ideas

    This is more common in a work environment. The hater will usually try to steal the ideas of the one he hates then do his best to take credit for them.

  17. 17 They block you on social media

    The people who hate you will do their best to avoid you. They might unfollow you on social media or even block you just to avoid coming in contact with you.

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