15 Reasons Why Some People Hate You

Why Do People Hate Me? Reasons Why Your Haters Hate You | 15 Reasons Why Some People Hate You
  1. Because they want to be like you

    There might be various people who aspire to be like you but can’t, might hate you. A psychologically stable person might try to become a better person, but people an unstable person would start hating you as they cannot be like you.

  2. Because they need to feel good about themselves

    Numerous people hate others to upraise their self-esteem and just feel good about them. These people do not hate you because you are good or bad for them, but they do it as they have self-esteem issues.

  3. Because you remind them of their failure

    There would be many people who might hate you when they see you succeed as they don’t have any. In case if you work in the same team, they might think that you have taken their place and because of this, they start hating you. A good person would strive hard to be successful, but some people would just hate you.

  4. Because you get the attention they always aspired for

    People start disliking others when they hurt or harm them directly or indirectly. If you get the care they always desired, you are hurting them indirectly, and as a result, they start hating you. (See Why are some people are attention seekers?)

  5. Because they think your life is excellent

    A lot of people also dislike pothers when they believe that they are living a great life. This mostly happens when they start comparing their experiences with others and see that they have not achieved what they wanted. Thus, they are not living a good life as compared to you, so they start hating you.

  6. Because they are helpless

    People who are not helpless try to make their lives better in all aspects by striving hard for it. They change their habits, alter their goals, and work hard to achieve it. On the contrary, helpless people just start to hate others who are successful as they cannot become like them.

  7. They are jealous

    The primary reason behind hatred is jealousy, it can be in any field of life. Jealous people might start hating you when their emotions become out of control. (See Why do people become jealous of others?)

  8. You remind them of their flaws

    Let us understand this by an example. If you are intelligent and your friend or colleague is not that smart. Whenever he would see you, he will think about this aspect, and as a result, he might start hating you.

  9. Because they are insecure

    When a person sees you as a threat, be it on professional life or personal life, he would start hating you. Also, he would feel insecure from you and would always compare them with you. Being vulnerable and comparing one to others are significant factors behind hatred.

  10. You remind them of someone who hurt them

    This happens with a few people when you remind them of someone who hurt them. In case if you resemble who has not been good with them, then he might hate you for some time. The problem, in this case, is not with you but with the person’s past. This hatred might just last for a couple of meetings, and then that person might become normal with you.

  11. They think you don’t deserve what you have

    This, too, is a part of being jealous. As when one sees that you have a lot of things and he does not, he might feel that you don’t deserve all of it and start hating you.

  12. To stay away from you

    Hatred gives a reason for people to stay away from others. If a person feels inferior to you, then automatically, their mind lets them hate you to stay away from you.

  13. To stay psychologically stable

    Just to increase their self-esteem, few people start finding flaws in you to make themselves feel better than you. They also begin hating you as that is the only way to stay psychologically stable.

  14. You took something they were after

    People might also hate you if you took something that they always aspired for. For example, a job or person you loved. In such cases, they feel helpless and jealous, which is why they begin hating you.

  15. To deny one of their flaws

    Few people might despise you just to turn down one of their weaknesses. They successfully refute the problem or fault they have. It is not common for a person who has a particular flaw to hate others for it.

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