Why was Steve Jobs so persuasive?

Want to know what made Steve Jobs so persuasive? Why was Steve Jobs so persuasive?
  1. He knew how and when to tell stories

    Jobs mastered the art of telling stories and using metaphors. He used to use them at the right time to keep people hooked, to deliver a certain idea or to convince them to believe in a new concept.

  2. He made people believe that everything is possible

    Jobs never took no as an answer; he used to push people to do impossible things while saying that they are totally possible. As a result, so many people believed in his vision and managed to create what he asked for.

  3. He changed his strategy but kept delivering the same message

    Jobs used to change his persuasion strategies often, but he always kept repeating the same message.

  4. He knew how to choose the right mixture of persuasive strategies

    Jobs was always able to pick the right mixture of persuasive strategies depending on the situation he was going through.

  5. Jobs was very skilled at using the rhetorical strategies

    The rhetorical strategies, or the modes of persuasion, are divided into three parts, Ethos (an appeal to the authority or credibility of the presenter), pathos (an appeal to the audience’s emotions) and logos (using logic to appeal to people). Jobs was very skilled at using all three.

  6. Jobs used subconscious mind programming

    Subconscious mind programming is a theory that assumes that a person’s mind can get programmed with a new belief if the belief was repeated over and over by a trusted source and in different logical, and sometimes illogical, ways. (See What are the greatest achievements of Steve Jobs?)

  7. He targeted people’s emotions often

    When Jobs wanted to deliver a certain idea, he used to target people’s emotions if he believed his ethos (his position of authority wasn’t strong enough). His emotional arguments forced people to believe him even when he didn’t use logical arguments.

  8. He was so persistent

    Jobs was so persistent that he kept repeating his demands over and over without ever giving up. Many people used to agree under the pressure of running out of patience to keep up with his tenacity.

  9. He was very good at re-framing situations

    Jobs was very good at re-framing situations and in making people see them from a totally different angle. When John Sculley was reluctant to join Apple, Jobs told him, ‘Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water? Or do you want to come with me and change the world?’

  10. He had an unshakable belief in his plans

    One major source of Jobs’ persuasive powers comes from the fact that he had solid beliefs in his plans to the extent that people used to say that he has a reality distortion field and that he doesn’t care about reality as much as he cares about his goals.

  11. His vision was so appealing

    Jobs’ vision was so appealing to so many people. He stated it clearly many times that he wanted to change the world and to help the human race. Ambitious people were easily swayed by his words as he pointed to them how big he was planning to grow Apple. (See How did Steve Jobs start the Apple company?)

  12. He used to keep staring at people without talking

    Jobs was famous for his habit of fixing his gaze on people without looking away while waiting for a response. This strategy is believed to be one of the reasons why he seemed persuasive.

  13. Jobs was very charismatic

    Jobs was a very charismatic person. His voice was clear, his ideas were well-organized and his way of presenting them was very convincing.

  14. He knew that people can do more if they are pushed

    Jobs understood that the average person is capable of delivering more than they think they could deliver. As he pushed people beyond their limits, many managed to make achievements they never thought they could accomplish.

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