Why the Walking Dead is so popular?

Why is The Walking Dead so famous? What is it that makes The Walking Dead a popular TV show?
  1. Escaping away from the world

    Most Post-Apocalyptic movies succeed because people want to escape from their current stressful world to a new world even if it’s full of zombies. The walking Dead provides people with a chance to escape from their own world.

  2. People identify with survivors

    When a person watches The Walking dead he identifies with survivors and feels like he is in their place. This can be thrilling to many people.

  3. Many find it exciting and thrilling

    How To Treat A Cold NaturallyThe Walking Dead is similar to a long horror movie. Those who like horror movies, and especially zombie movies, find it very thrilling.

  4. Evolving with the characters

    Most characters in The Walking Dead evolved from normal people to survivors, killers and skillful people. As a person identifies with those characters he gets the feeling that his character is evolving.

  5. Acting is done well

    Unlike many Horror and zombie movies the acting in walking was done very well that the series is very convincing even though it’s about zombies.

  6. Full of action

    The Walking Dead is full of action. This keeps people thrilled and excited most of them and as a result they might get addicted to the adrenaline rush.

  7. Unexpected twists

    The Walking Dead has many unexpected twists and this makes it more exciting.

  8. Viewers become tough

    According to 2knowmyself As a person keeps watching people trying to survive in a cruel world he might become more tough and resilient.

  9. Wide range of characters

    The Walking Dead has a wide range of characters , from almost all races, this makes it easier for people from different races and backgrounds to identify with the series and relate to the actors. This is uncommon in many television shows. (See Why did Rick kill Shane?)

  10. People feel better about their lives

    According to psychologists when people see others suffering in a cruel world they tend to feel better about their own lives.

  11. Feeling like a part of the family

    As a person keeps watching the series he starts to feel like he is a part of the surviving group and gets more emotionally connected to them.

  12. Encourages philosophical thinking

    The Walking Dead is about more than just not getting eaten by zombies. It displays a world with no concrete political structure or police force. It stretches the mind to wonder what would become of our world without rules and regulations. (See Why is Grendizer popular in the middle east?)

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