Why Talking Tom Cat got so popular?

Talking Tom With Billions of App Downloads and YouTube Views | Why Talking Tom Cat got so popular?
  1. It’s funny

    Many people ,especially kids, believe that talking tom is a very funny App. The emotional arousal that results from laughter led to the spreading of word of mouth faster.

  2. The desire to share videos with friends

    The emotional arousal resulting from laughter motivates many people to share the funny videos they recorded with their friends. This led to further spreading of the App.

  3. Sharing was made easy

    The Talking Tom App makes sharing of the content created by it easy and simple. This motivated more people to share the content they created with friends.

  4. Adults used it as well

    The App which is adopted mostly by kids appeals to many adults as well. Many adults joined kids and downloaded the App.

  5. Cats can make things more viral

    Many Viral marketeers believe that cats can make posts more viral. Since the main character of talking tom is a cat this could have helped the App become more popular. (See Why do people like cats so much?)

  6. Utilizes other social networks

    Talking Tom allows people to share their videos to almost all existing social networks and messaging Apps. The App capitalized on the already existing friend lists of users. (See Why Social Networks are Popular?)

  7. The character feels alive

    The app allows people to interact with Talking Tom , tickle it , hit it and speak to it. This made Talking Tom feel more alive and so it got more popular.

  8. The Videos advertise for the App

    After each video the users created ends the logo , the App name and the URL of the download link are displayed.

  9. The Graphics look good

    The App displays a good looking 3D cat. The actions the cat takes are also displayed in good graphics.

  10. The App creates separate videos

    The App creates separate videos when a person shares them. This helped some of the videos become viral and this led to further popularity of the App.

  11. Tom resembles Fred Figglehorn

    Fred Figglehorn, was one of the most famous Youtube stars who even made a Hollywood movie.  Talking Tom’s voice and mannerisms are very similar to Fred and this made some people like it.

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