Why some people think that Will Smith is very inspiring?

What do young people think about Will Smith? Why do some people think that Will Smith is inspiring?
  1. He has done lots of inspirational movies

    Will smith has done many inspirational movies such as The pursuit of happiness, 7 pounds and the karate kid.

  2. Will smith has many famous success quotes

    Will Smith has many famous success quotes circling around the internet. This has made him more of a person associated with success and inspiration.

  3. Will Smith is a very hard worker

    According to an interview with Will Smith works so hard , until he drops as he said.

  4. He is a very good example of black people

    Will Smith inspires many black people as he is a very good successful example of a black person who made his money and fame in a clean ethical way.

  5. Will smith is very passionate about his beliefs

    Will smith is a very passionate actor who truly believes in his goals and mission in life. In many of his interviews he talked about his goals and beliefs with very high level of passion.

  6. Will Smith has made some very famous motivational Speeches

    Will Smith has made some very famous motivational Speeches in his movies and interviews. The famous one from ‘Pursuit of happiness’ which begins with ‘Don’t ever let somebody tell you you can’t do something’ has made his name even more connected to success and inspiration.

  7. Will Smith believes everybody can succeed

    In one of his interviews Will Smith has said that any person can achieve greatness. The fact that he believes in people makes him more inspiring to many of them. (See Video Summary: The Power of belief — mindset and success | Eduardo Briceno)

  8. He has many ideal values

    According to his interviews Will Smith believes in ambition, self realization, hard work, success, determination, inspiring people and making a difference in the world. Those values mad him very inspiring to many people.

  9. He is very rich and succesful

    Will Smith isn’t just a person who preaches some values but he is also a person who lives most of his values and this makes him very inspiring to many people. (See Video Summary: Will Smith shares his secrets of success)

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