17 Reasons Why Some People Prefer Twitter over Facebook

Why People Prefer Twitter Over Facebook? Why is Twitter more popular than Facebook?
  1. Easier to find like minded people

    It`s easier to determine on Twitter who loves who/what and not just find but also follow like minded people .

  2. There are no game invitations on twitter

    Twitter has no games so far which is great for those who get annoyed with Candy Crush invitations.

  3. Communicating with celebrities on Twitter is more genuine

    It`s easier to follow celebrities on twitter since they are verified. This makes it easier to follow their news and live reactions to different events in person instead of liking their fan pages. Twitter personalizes the communication with celebrities .

  4. Twitter is very simple and requires less attention

    The simple design that mostly lakes audios or videos makes it easier for those who love simplicity.

  5. The 140 words rule saves too much of the none sense

    Getting to the point is twitter`s point of strength. Twitter makes it easier to get the required info without having to go through a complete post like the ones shared on Facebook.

  6. Live events are easier to be followed on twitter

    Live games and events are easier to be followed and reacted to on Twitter than Facebook. It`s easier to create 10 tweets about a live event than creating 10 status updates about it on Facebook.

  7. Less sponsored ads on Twitter

    Ads on twitter only come in sponsored tweets that don`t appear to often and mostly come in text. For some people this is better than dealing too many videos and ad images all at the same time on Facebook`s home page.

  8. News are covered and confirmed faster on twitter

    It`s a lot easier to find Journalists on Twitter than on Facebook. This makes news delivery on Twitter faster and more reliable. (See Why is Facebook so negative?)

  9. Not yet discovered by many family members

    Many elderlies or old family members who are new to technology tend to use Facebook rather than Twitter which makes many young people identify with Twitter.

  10. The variety of hashtags kills boredom

    Frequently discovering different hashtags and trends kill boredom as well gives many people a sense of contribution and being a part of some cult of like minded people.

  11. A person doesn`t need to be friends with someone to follow him

    The way Facebook created and set friend requests makes many people who are sensitive to rejection prefer Twitter. Plus, for many people, it doesn`t require a deep relationship to connect with someone or know how he or she thinks.

  12. It`s easier to learn more about someone`s opinions on Twitter

    Unless the other person is protecting his/her account, Twitter removes too many barriers when trying to know more about someone. Unlike Facebook, there are no customized or hidden statuses on Twitter. A person can know a lot about another one without even following him/her.

  13. The number of followings/followers is unlimited on Twitter

    Unlike Facebook, anyone can easily create a tribe of fans on Twitter in less amount of time, especially when Facebook limits the number of friends a person can have.

  14. Unlike Facebook, Twitter allows the ability to colorize one`s timeline

    Facebook comes in blue, and all extensions that give colors to it on different browsers like Chrome and Fire Fox don`t make it look professional. Unlike Facebook, Twitter allows users more than 7 colors to choose from in the design tab.

  15. Twitter`s timeline updates faster than Facebook`s

    Sometimes a few minute passes before something new appears on Facebook, unlike Twitter who`s timeline is updated regularly and more frequently.

  16. People feel like celebrities

    The following/followers system makes people feel like celebrities since it feeds their Egos. This system appeals to some people more than the Friendship system. (See Why do Celebrities like Twitter?)

  17. People can check the topics they want

    Unlike Facebook’s Newsfeed which is a mixture of so many unrelated topics Twitter allows people to follow hashtags and so only see news about topics they are currently interested to know about. While Facebook has hashtags as well they aren’t really used compared to twitter’s hashtags.

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