Why some people like Grey’s Anatomy?

Why is GREY’s Anatomy popular? Why do people still watch Grey’s Anatomy?
  1. The strong relationships

    The show has always been filled with strong relationships between the characters, making the audience wish they had such a bond with their friends or partners.

  2. The attractive male characters

    The show is known for casting attractive male characters which are considered eye-candy for some people such as McDreamy, McSteamy, Alex Karev and Jackson Avery.

  3. The suspenseful scenes

    Disasters often happen in the show, which shows the doctors’ skills in dealing with them. These thrilling emergency scenes excite the audience and put them on the edge of their seats.

  4. The drama

    Some people enjoy watching the drama in the show, ranging from break-ups and relationship issues to traumatic experiences and deaths.

  5. Meredith and Derek’s relationship

    People love the true love between these two characters and wish they could emulate this kind of relationship in real life.

  6. Cristina Yang’s honesty

    The character of Cristina Yang has a huge fan-base thanks to her brutal honesty and memorable lines.

  7. The characters’ honesty

    Most of the characters on the show are very honest and express what they feel with no reservations, which is something that people don’t do in real life, and therefore is fun to watch. (See Why do people binge-watch TV shows?)

  8. Makes you want to become a surgeon

    The show makes most people want to become surgeons because of the way it depicts the eventful lives of surgeons. According to Elite Daily, it has inspired many people to join the medical field.

  9. The right choice of music

    The choice of music during the episodes always fits the moment and is liked by most people who end up searching for the songs and downloading them.

  10. The unique medical cases

    The surgeons in the show operate on numerous cases every episode. However, the weird and risky cases are the ones that intrigue the audience and makes them want to know whether the surgeons will be able to save him/her.

  11. Meredith Grey’s strength

    The character of Meredith Grey has gone through many hardships and suffering throughout the seasons. People admire her strength and ability to overcome the numerous obstacles she faces. (See Why is American Gods a good series?)

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