Why Some People Hate Moving?

Why You're Miserable After a Move? Why people hate moving house? Why Some People Hate Moving?

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  1. 1 They have to pack

    Packing is something very hectic for some people. Some people forget things they use on a daily basis when they travel. When people move from one place to another, they find it very difficult.

  2. 2 They find it stressful

    Moving from one place to the other can be very stressful to some people because they would think about moving, leaving something behind and other aspects. The idea alone can cause depression to some people.

  3. 3 They don't like getting out of their comfort zone

    A lot of people make their homes their own comfort zone. When it's time to move, they can't get over the overwhelming feeling that they are going to leave their comfort zone.

  4. 4 They can be sentimental

    People usually have emotional connections with the places they live in. That means that if they leave one place for another, they would feel a bit of emptiness. However, most people only predict that before they actually move.

  5. 5 They hate the physical aspect

    The physical aspect of moving is very tiring and time-consuming. Moving furniture is one of the main reasons why people dislike moving.

  6. 6 Making new friendships

    People usually make friendships with people from their neighborhoods. This is a major reason for people to be stressed about their plans to move.

  7. 7 Change isn't always welcome

    Change to some people is something that is not welcomed.

  8. 8 The change of atmosphere

    The atmosphere can be something that is difficult to adjust to. That doesn't necessarily mean moving from one city or state to the other or even from one district to the other. It also includes the psychological aspect where people have to get used to certain things.

  9. 9 They'd have to do everything again

    When people live in one place for a long while, they know a lot of people around the area and the places to go to and the roads in their neighborhoods. That is something a lot of people find difficult when they move.

  10. 10 They build expectations

    When people build expectations, they are rare to build approximate expectations. They either think too high or too low which can be devastating to come to the reality of things. This is typical for people who change their neighborhoods or immigrate.

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