Why some people fear intimacy?

Why do People Fear Intimacy And What Can Be Done? Why are you terrified of Intimacy?
  1. They fear commitment

    Some people fear intimacy as they fear to lead to a serious relationship because of a lack of intimacy, which is why these people avoid intimacy to avoid relationships further in their life.

  2. They were hurt in the past

    Might be they had a bad experience in their past relationship with their closed ones. They think that they will not be able to retake it if someone else would hurt them again. Therefore they do not take the risk of developing any relationships and hence, intimacy.

  3. They were not living with their parents

    IIf they had distant parents and have never experienced what real intimacy is actually about, they may fear intimacy. The sole reason is that the person is not comfortable developing intimacy with anyone as they are not familiar with it.

  4. They feel inferior

    They may have an inferiority complex due to which they have developed feelings of inadequacy. This may make a person extremely introverted and afraid of exposing themselves to others. They feel that if they get open with anyone,  the other person will get a chance to discover their flaws.

  5. To maintain a specific type of image

    They may be pretentious and want to project a particular type of image, which might not be actually true. To keep their image intact, they may do; come what may.

  6. To have trust issues

    People might have had trust issues with someone in their life due to which they hardly trust others with private information as you will only share your secrets with someone whom you have developed an intimacy with. (See Why some people have trust issues?)

  7. They are paranoid

    Some people are paranoid and can do anything to keep their information private, which they do not want to be disclosed. These people consider intimacy as weak since it exposes them to others and makes them feel insecure and vulnerable.

  8. They fear sexual interactions

    In a few cases, some people may be men or women, who are dubious of their sexual performance and have never explored how they are in bed.

  9. They were abused

    If a person’s past, especially childhood, was deprived by their closed one or anyone, they may develop an intense fear of intimacy. In these cases, that person will never want to get close to anyone because of the horrendous experience they had in their past.

  10. They feel comfortable only with acquainted people but not with strangers

    Some people do not feel comfortable talking to strangers, as they are not taught to trust unfamiliar people. This makes them develop a fear of intimacy. (See Why do some people feel uncomfortable around strangers?)

  11. Parental avoidance or rejection

    If parents of the child do not give them proper attention and do everything that may lead to the child’s negative emotions, by the time the child is grown up, the fear of intimacy is developed within them.

  12. It makes them feel vulnerable

    To some people, exposing themselves to others makes them feel vulnerable and insecure. Those people avoid intimacy in order not to seem vulnerable or weak.

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